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In Pizza, we crust …There’s a new pizzeria in town

2020-12-11  Aletta Shikololo

In Pizza, we crust …There’s a new pizzeria in town
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Fransina Mukunisha (22) is part of a new breed of culinary entrepreneurs who are making a name for themselves right out of their home kitchens, using social media to promote their events.
Having started her culinary business, Golden’s Culinary, as a passion, Mukunisha was inspired by the intensity of the experience to embark on her own cookery venture.

“My pizza is visibly outstanding because it comes with sufficient ingredients – from the thin dough crust as it should be to a variety of fresh vegetables and a flavoured sauce of choice that is topped up with enough cheddar,” explained Mukunisha. She says she has plans to expand her business.

Whether you like your pizza thin and crispy, or dripping tomato sauce, Mukunisha said her kitchen offers it all.
“People need to be served the pizza they want from the heart – not from the menu. The market needs something different, and that is where I come in,” said Mukunisha, adding that the fact that they are now up for trying pizza in all its forms says a lot about Namibia’s hastening food culture.

Named after her daughter, Golden’s Culinary menu includes an array of flavours, such as something meaty, chicken flavours, vegetarian, Hawaiian and the mysterious golden pizza.
“I am currently working on two new flavours, authentic pizza, which will be a symbol of how real and pure my work is. The second flavour I am working on is the hustle pizza, which shows that I’ve worked hard. I have a lot of secret recipes that make my pizzas juicy and sweet,” she candidly said.

As the restaurant industry continues to reinvent itself, Mukunisha thinks customers are yearning for substantially more, with options that go beyond a sit down meal, which is why she delivers her delicate pizza in all parts of Windhoek.
“I needed to do something else on the side to generate some money to support myself, so I thought of selling pizza to the people I already know. It was all magical how the reactions and reviews came in; the pizzas tasted good as much as they appeared in the photographs. After noticing the positive responses, I thought of finding a name for my business and making posters – and that was how it all started to boom. I started receiving orders from more strangers than the people I knew and I even began to run out of slots to accommodate all orders for the day. It was a slow-fast process,” she narrated the journey to her pizzeria that is making waves well beyond street food markets.

Apart from making pizzas, Mukunisha also offers baking and pizza classes.
“I believe that I am always learning new culinary skills and I am on a journey of becoming one of the best cooks,” she ended.-

2020-12-11  Aletta Shikololo

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