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In the quest for total freedom - Part 1

2021-04-23  Karlos Naimwhaka

In the quest for total freedom - Part 1

By now, and especially in 2021, no one should ever disagree or dispute the fact that physical, economic, and political freedoms alone are incomplete without mental freedom. This is for the mere fact that the mind which is not free to think for itself is prone to delusion and deception. A mind which is not free becomes a container for other people’s ideas, concepts, and a propeller of the agendas of others and their institutions. This is because it is incapacitated to evaluate, question and filter information on-premises based on its own independent perspective or experience and decisions or choices thereof.

Probably this is the reason why, upon entering the earthly realm, one is highly subjected to attention from different societal institutions. These institutions’ worst nightmare is that one day individuals are awakened to see the world for what it truly is. Thus, to ensure that such a day never comes, the boogie man has systemically placed and appointed gatekeepers at the helms of every corner to safeguard the stage and keep the show going on. And what other better way to do this than making sure that masses are kept under hypnosis with sports, entertainment, excessive consumption and slaving away one’s life force for the mere attainment of shiny objects. What other better way to keep one’s mind in slumber than by occupying it with life’s pleasures and the short-lived joy of watching others living their best lives while neglecting one’s own.

This trend has clearly been going on for centuries - Wherefrom the onset that the utmost duty of the gatekeepers of institutionalized ideologies is to ensure that everyone joins the conveyer belt of conformity. This also must be done in such a way that those who highly subscribe and toe the line into submission get highly rewarded. The same also goes that those who ever beg to differ, or dissent is also extremely punished to deter any opportunity of future dissidents. It even goes as far as ensuring that certain labels are coined to create stigma towards those whose views are alternate.

It is this notion and idea that eventually gave birth to labels such as conspiracy theorists and many negatively connotated terminologies, to discourage the spread of ideas that may eventually allow access to different views for people to use discernment and make up their mind without coercion.

The fact of the matter is that if we do not do true introspection and retrospection, not only collectively but more individually, we are bound to repeat the same mistakes. We will continue to do the same things while expecting different results. It is also the same that if one’s mind is not truly free to think for itself then it would never think differently, and its manifestations would be evident in one’s circumstances.

Therefore, as political freedom was gained and economic freedom is still a hurdle to overcome, it may also be time to realize that the latter may take longer or never happen if the minds are not free, first. From this perspective, the best possible suggestion would be for one to start with the self. To start questioning and investigating their own beliefs, thoughts, values, actions, and habits. It is not always that the onus is on who presents the problem to provide solutions. It should rather be that one is praised for setting the stage for the collective dialogue that may either validate or dismiss the claim – that without freedom from mental shackles, we shall never truly be free.

By Karlos TheGreat



Uncommon Sense is published every Friday in the New Era newspaper with contributions from Karlos Naimwhaka

2021-04-23  Karlos Naimwhaka

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