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Indecisiveness led him to his career

2018-09-12  Pinehas Nakaziko

Indecisiveness led him to his career
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WINDHEOK - One of the youngest employees Faustinus Haingura (25), says growing up without knowing what to become in the future have led him to a career path he loves most.  

A Compliance Consultant at the Headway Consulting Limited, an Information and Communication Technology (ICT), consulting firm with focus on serving the needs of businesses in the full range of ICT Governance and Management issues. Haingura says although he had an interest in the Information Technology industry in the beginning, being a consultant was not something that had crossed his mind during his studying years. “After doing more research and having a chance to experience what this type of work entails by working with senior consultants, I was able to make up my mind on the career path. Like a lot of things in life having the curiosity to try out new ventures, is how you will eventually get to know yourself better in terms of what you enjoy or like and what is not for you,” says he. 

As a Compliance Consultant, he assist clients with the effective management of ICT related regulatory risk and compliance with specific laws, standards and regulations. His typical day at work involves setting up client engagements through meetings and workshops, attend the scheduled meetings when required with clients, preparing reports by collecting, analysing, and summarising information collected from clients as well as maintaining professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops. A fully Namibian owned company Headway Consulting does not only pride itself in giving opportunities to young Namibians to intern at the company but also offer training to anyone who is interested in obtaining certificates in IT Governance, IT Service Management, IT Service desk fields. It’s a growing field and there will be lots of work in the future I this field, he said.

Haingura’s parents decided to send him to one of the best schools in the country (St Boniface College) to continue with secondary education and that turned out to be the best decision. “This education based background gave me the opportunity to express myself and pursue topics that interested me the most, such as IT. Although there were other struggles like trying to find funding for the school choices made, the family made sure education was always a priority.”

Haingura adds that his parents are his motivation to accomplish whatever he set his eyes on.  “I believed they gave me and instilled all the tools that I was going to use later in life. They made sure I got the best education from the foundations and stressed the importance of education every chance they got and also to choose whatever made you happy at the end of the day.”

Haingura studied IT at the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) and eventually graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in IT: Business Computing. After that, Headway Consulting offered him the exposure and opportunity to work on different projects with IT Governance and IT Service Management as the deliverables. As part of the job, he has access to different industries. He says the career is able to give him the opportunity to experience these sectors because of the nature of ICT and its needs for expansion throughout the industries. “In the next years to come, I would like to be seen as someone with deep expertise in the IT Governance and IT Service Management fields, I would like to take on more responsibilities in the coming years and potentially even take lead in some projects,” he says.

2018-09-12  Pinehas Nakaziko

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