• February 20th, 2020

Indie-folk singer, Shotgun, kicks off tour tomorrow at the Coast

WINDHOEK - In association with Concerts South Africa (SA), indie-folk singer and songwriter, Shotgun Tori, makes a comeback this year in the Land of the Brave with her tour, Where We Left It Off.

Shotgun starts in Swakopmund at the Desert Tavern tonight, and continues next Saturday at the Boiler Room, Warehouse Theatre in Windhoek. Blending folk, rockabilly, country and alternative, Shotgun is at heart a storyteller who sings straight from her heart and her feet. She shares tales of heartache and infidelity, of being brave and imperfect, the road and the secrets of being human.

She is a woman with a voice and a guitar, approaching her subject matter with an interesting, occasionally humorous, yet always insightful life view. Her touching, raw vocal delivery is both tender and powerful. Tori’s music puts you on the spot, in the moment, while sometimes fun and upbeat; it is often gentle and heart wrenching. The Johannesburg-based vocalist and guitarist is touring from the Cape to Windhoek, on her second Namibian tour, following the 2012 one. With over 300 live performances since her debut in 2011, her personal record is three shows on one day, Tori has toured the length and breadth of South Africa and thrown in Namibia and Mozambique for good measure.

Shotgun spent the last few years making a full band album (crowdfunded) which is due for release early next year, and so she will be playing some solo shows countrywide (and regionally too) to let the stage welcome her home before the full band shows start to take precedence. She is a fiercely independent, creative and hard-working artist who is not afraid of trying out new sounds, styles or business models. Her passion for life and music resound from both her live performances and her recordings, making her a must see attraction at any live show. 

“I am so excited to get on the road again and reconnect with an audience that loves folk music. It is after all the music of shared experience – tales of real life in song; music designed to resonate with and connect people. The costs of touring can be prohibitive, so this is an incredible opportunity to travel a little further than I would be able to otherwise. I have been traveling and performing on my own steam for a long time, but already the process of doing it in conjunction with Concerts SA and the SAMRO Foundation has given me invaluable tools on the administrative and business side of planning a tour,” Shotgun says.

Concerts SA through the Music Mobility Fund, a funding mechanism that offers opportunities for South African musicians to undertake live music tours, supports shotgun Tori’s Where We Left It Off Tour.

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2019-01-18 10:39:37 | 1 years ago

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