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Industry loop - Actors deserve attention!

2021-03-05  Staff Reporter

Industry loop - Actors deserve attention!
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It’s amazing how in Namibia, people immediately only think of music or artists when the subject matter of art and entertainment pops up. 

But I don’t blame people because so much hype is created around music and artists. 

You will not find an entertainment weekly supplement on a Friday that did not write about artists. 

The youth and entertainment shows on both the national broadcaster and One Africa TV are all about music. 

You switch on the radio – and you will notice that the conversations and topics are all about music. Hence, I find it weird at times that artists complain they do not get the attention and coverage they deserve. 

But then again, I’ve always maintained that artists are one of the most selfish and self-centred species on planet earth. 

What is stopping these platforms – TV, print and radio – from making a conscious effort and switching focus to other stakeholders of the arts and entertainment industry? 

Like, I don’t know – maybe the film world? 

Actors in Namibia have to be one of the most underappreciated people in the art and entertainment industry. 

No one – absolutely no one – will convince me that the demands of being an artist outweigh that of an actor. 

Actors have to work with incredibly tight schedules and crazy work environments with zero to little pay! 

Have you seen the Namibian movies that are on the market currently? Top-notch quality award-winning movies! 

What attention and coverage did it get from TV, radio and print? 

A mention here and there, a young article here and there – nothing extra. No two page spreads. No interviews on TV for actors. No effort to highlight these actors on radio. 

This is why Namibians only think of artists when the subject matter of the art and entertainment industry comes up. The film world deserves attention. 

I demand we all shift our focus and start appreciating actors and everyone involved in the process of bringing quality pictures to your screens. 

The same way we obsess over artists, producers, etc., is the same way I demand we obsess over actors, directors, etc.  


Until the next Loop, we say #GMTM          

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2021-03-05  Staff Reporter

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