• April 6th, 2020

Industry Loop:  Choice overload! 

I never believed in the notion that artists make music for the NAMA’s. It’s always been my steadfast believe that artists release based on many factors BUT the NAMA’s. MTC’s announcement that 2020 will be their final year with the awards smashed my assertions.

The announcement proved that artists are indeed making music for the NAMA’s. How else do you explain 10+ new albums dropped in the space of 7 days right before the entry deadline? It was my belief that artists don’t release music for the NAMA’s. I WANTED to believe that artists release genuine work for you.

I was wrong. Perhaps also a little naive. I don’t believe in having too many new albums out at the same time. No one wins with too many albums on the market. Its option overload. Ever heard of decision fatigue? What Namibian artists are doing right now will only lead to a negative psychological, emotional and behavioural effect as a result of overwhelming the consumer with too much choice! 

You are confusing the consumer to a point where a consumer would ultimately decide AGAINST purchasing. How does that benefit anyone? It does not benefit the consumer and it certainly does not benefit the artist. Its situations like this where good music falls through the cracks. Perhaps this is the bit where music conferences and workshops come in to educate artists. Conferences and workshops they never attend anyways! 

I don’t believe in releasing just before December or in December. Whether it was rushed work or not...it’s another debate for another day. Allow me to walk you through my logic. Release a little earlier...May, June, July, August. Give your music time to breath. Give your music a fair chance to grow. Give your music a chance to create memories before December. 

Rest assured...no one will have time for new stuff in December. Everyone will play what they know and grown to love in December because its music that carried them throughout the year. 

You should be damn good...Jaliza, Tate Buti & One Blood type of good if you dare release around this time and expect people to jump on it immediately. You work hard on your music. You spend a Nujoma’s on producers, studio time etc. You put in a lot of hours into that shxt! 
Why would you want all of that effort to be for niks? Why is an award ceremony dictating to you when to release? All because you want to be within? 

 I’ll be honest with you; it will take me weeks to get to every new album. If it will take me (someone vested in the craft) weeks to get to every single newly released album...how long do you think the ordinary Selma and Dantago on these streets will take to get to these albums? If at all? 

Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”!
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