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Industry loop - Commercial ... is the answer!

2021-03-12  Staff Reporter

Industry loop - Commercial ... is the answer!
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A post by Ronald Heavy G in the We Are Hip Hop Namibia group recently got me thinking about what Cassper Nyovest said in that 1 on 1 song off his latest project:

“Thuto is a classic though they try to belittle it All you n*ggas rap about is metaphors and punchlines But somehow, they never recognise me as a lyricist.

How many times you gon’ rap about your skills.

It’s getting boring now, that sh*t sounds like a drill.

I wrote about my father and some sh*t I really feel.

When I loved the way I did it man that sh*t was sounding ill.

But they turn a blind eye on it 

They never notice me.

But praise some n*ggas for rapping ‘bout smoking weed and groceries”

“Thuto” went platinum. Cassper Nyovest sold out arenas and stadiums. Cassper Nyovest today drives a Rolls Royce and is flirting with the idea of becoming a billionaire. Like Ronald Heavy G asked in his post ... when are we going to make hip-hop for the streets? Allow me to add onto that ... until when do you need to prove to another rapper that you can rap? Until when do you need to prove that you have metaphors and punchlines to the streets? Until when are you going to make hip-hop for your clique? 

You’ve been trying to impress other rappers for years but have nothing to show for it. You’ve been seeking the approval of the “streets” but have nothing to show for it. You’ve been making music for your clique but nothing to show for it. Your clique has been telling you that it’s ill but fokol to show for it. Print ain’t writing about you. TV ain’t hyping you. Radio ain’t playing your music. And please don’t come with that “they hate me ... they have favouritism” nonsense. You are not important enough for any of these platforms to hate you. 

Stop making hip-hop for your clique. The streets were the streets long before you were on this earth and these streets will be there long after you’re gone. The answer is simple ... commercial! Make commercial music! Stop fighting critics like myself and start listening. Make commercial music and enjoy the money. Make commercial music and have something ... anything to show for it. Namibia has talented lyricists but only see as far their nose. I’ve always believed that Namibian rappers can go toe to toe with South Africans any damn day. 

Y’all can hate on people like Cassper Nyovest all damn day ... he can’t rap, he can’t what what, etc. But the fact remains, the homie is a multi-millionaire, has albums that have gone platinum with corporate endorsements worth millions. 

What you got fam? Poverty and the “respect” of the streets and your clique? 


Until the next Loop, we say #GMTM          

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2021-03-12  Staff Reporter

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