• April 2nd, 2020

Industry Loop:  Infinite Disaster Vol 2! 

NO ONE will ever convince me that waiting for two hours to get a drink in a club setting is ok. No one! It will NEVER be ok to make your customers wait for two hours. Two hours of wait in any setting is rubbish!  

What am I yapping about? I am complaining about my awful experience at Pharaohs bar and lounge recently. My experience at Pharaohs bar and lounge two weekends back was Infinite disaster volume 2! Remember volume 1? Volume 1 was all about Infinity Lounge in Swakopmund and their regurgitating customer service and zero entertainment value.  

I’ll say this again...I believe it’s important for club owners and managers to want to care to come right with the basics such as convenience, entertainment value and safety. Pharaohs bar and lounge failed two elements of that three-legged test.  

How did I end up at Pharaohs bar and lounge? The place was recommended to me by a friend who after reading my review of Infinity Lounge, promised that Pharaohs bar and lounge was different. The homie explained that Pharaohs is a guaranteed out of the world experience. Sadly, he left the place with an egg on his face because he experienced the shambolic service with me that night. 

Let’s address the three-legged test and why Pharaohs bar and lounge failed two of its elements. Convenience...leg one of the test. Convenience in a lounge setting means...nothing should inconvenient your guest. No awkwardly placed speakers blasting your ears into early deafness and no having to lose half of your night trying to fight the good fight of getting drinks at the bar or any other element that a customer may deem an inconvenience.  

We waited for close to two hours to get to a barman/woman to attend to us. We waited at the bar for about 30 minutes. After 30 odd minutes of waiting, we finally managed to get the attention of a barman, placed our orders and waited for close to another hour for the drinks.    

I was having none of it. Imagine standing in a club/lounge setting for close to two hours without a drink? That’s extreme sports fam. It was at this point that my friend accepted defeat. We left highly disappointed. We stayed in the Pharaohs bar and lounge for close to two hours without managing to get a drink. Convenience? V*kol omes. 

If I am going to pay a N$100 entrance, best believe I want top-notch entertainment guaranteed. Having a DJ cannot be worth a 100 bucks entrance bruh. Why must I pay N$100 entrance at Pharaohs bar and lounge if I can get the same entertainment value at any bar in the hood?  

What’s the difference in entertainment value from a DJ playing at a bar in Vineta to that of a DJ playing in Pharaohs? No really. If a N$100 is what I am paying for a DJ, then I might as well just stay in the hood and chill at a bar with a DJ that will play the same music that a DJ at Pharaohs mixes. I cannot pay N$100 entrance and a DJ is the only entertainment value. Nah fam.  

I will issue another stern warning to the rest of the nightspots in the country...stop taking people’s money and time for granted. Give people value for money. Yesterday it was Infinity Lounge, today its Pharaohs bar and lounge...tomorrow your spot might be on my hit list. 

Staff Reporter
2019-12-06 10:30:33 | 3 months ago

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