• February 19th, 2020

Industry Loop: Lazy presenters

If there is one thing that annoys me, it is a lazy presenter. Be it on TV or radio. A lazy presenter kills the value of any interview. A lazy presenter is one that makes listeners/viewers yawn during interviews. What happened to the celebrated days of personalities like Tafanji “Taffy Raw” Nyirenda, Kazembire Zemburuka, and Ilke “Cutie” Platt who harboured incredible technique of bringing life to an interview as well unearthing information in an innovative manner? 

These personalities and others of their generation had guests either cringing in their seat, dropping bombshells or leaving their studios satisfied knowing that information reached the masses depending on the nature of the show. In the commercial space, clients had their preferences as to who should conduct their interviews. This was no coincidence, as clients knew which presenters gave them value for money. If you are a presenter on Radio or TV, been at it for more than a year, and no word of any client requesting you to interview them, you are whom I am putting on blast today! 

You are lazy! You do not do any research. You have no passion for what you do and you should find another job! You are the rotten apple and the deadwood in the team. I am not going to go easy on you because you are sitting in a chair that ten other people want, and probably have ten times more the passion and technique than you! 

You have such a unique opportunity to be a celebrated figure in your line of work but you spit on it! You are the type that gets irritated by interviews when scheduled in your show. I have been on radio for almost ten years and I still get butterflies every time an interview is scheduled during my slot. I get mad excited because it’s an opportunity to meet someone new and perhaps tap into a new market of listeners/viewers who might be interested in the subject or personality. 

It is because of your laziness that corporates have in recent years opted to construct questions themselves. Making the rest of us suffer who genuinely enjoy the craft of conversing with others. I will be honest I hate prepared questions. It takes away the art of presentation. 

However, what choices do I and many others have?
 If you are going for an interview on TV/Radio in the near future and the presenter asks you questions like “so tell me about yourself”…just know you are the victim of a lazy presenter! 

Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”!
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