• April 4th, 2020

Industry Loop: Listening Sessions

I Google searched ‘listening session” and Google tells me that a listening session is one of the best ways to get constructive feedback and share best practices where people are grouped in a room/venue to listen. Allow me to give you the Namibian version of a listening session: poor sound, groupies and an unappreciative environment.
Why do we always go left when the rest of the world seemingly goes right? I’ve attended a couple of listening sessions in 2019 – and honestly, I will avoid listening sessions in 2020 until we get the basics right.
Basic rule number 1: quality sound. I mean, for goodness sake, it will not be much of a listening session if the sound is dreadful! The very essence of a listening session is, well... listening.
How does one listen when the sound is appalling? This is one bit you just can’t compromise on. You want people to appreciate every single detail in your product? Quality sound will help you achieve that. The sound has to be right. Sacrifice what you have to ‘Ousi’, but invest in quality sound.
Venues sometimes have their own sound but I wouldn’t depend on the venues sound if I were you. I’d book an independent company to handle the sound. Venue sound is 90% of the time tired! It’s not pristine. You want pristine for your listening session? Sacrifice and book quality sound.
The second most important bit that is neck and neck with the first important bit is your venue. Don’t book a public space like a restaurant or a lounge. Book a private venue with an intimate setting – a venue where one can appreciate what is being presented with a peace of mind. You want people to be at ease when you present your product. You want an environment that will play to your advantage. Restaurants and clubs will have other people showing up – people who have no business with your listening session and might end up ruining the ambience.
The last bit is your invitation list: please highlight the invitation list. A listening session should strictly be by invite. A listening session is not a time to act all egotistic, because the people who will attend your listening sessions are not your fans.
People on that invitation list are influencers like radio presenters, TV anchors, entertainers, socialites, journalists and corporates. Because these are not your fans and groupies, you have to be professional.
Professional means showing up on time and starting the event on time. The people who are on that invitation list and show up are most likely to be busy people. They’ve had to move around a few things to make it to your listening session. Regardless, you have to be a professional at all times. However, with your listening session, you will have to up it. If you want me at your listening session, get these basics right and I will be there.


Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”!
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