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Industry Loop - No compromise  

2020-04-17  Staff Reporter

Industry Loop - No compromise  
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There is a couple of things that I have been consistent about since the New Era newspaper started publishing this column light years ago. I have consistently criticised clubs, bars & lounges for their lack of appreciation for their customer’s hard-earned money, time and convenience.  

So much so that I name-dropped and outed Infinity Lounge in Swakopmund and Pharaoh’s lounge in Windhoek for their muck service and blatant disregard for their client’s convenience. My demands over the years for a more convenient and customer-centric approach from clubs, bars and lounges have really been straightforward and simple.
Ample & safe parking, proactive security, clean toilets that get serviced at least every hour right throughout the night, a counter that services customers quick enough to avoid making them wait for hours and GOOD MUSIC with QUALITY SOUND! 

But because we are such unsophisticated people as demands would fall on deaf ears. It would get lost in the wind because owners of these clubs, bars and lounges knew they could get away with dodgy and unsafe parking areas, no security, manure infested and leaking toilets, counters that make you wait for an hour just to be served with attitude & warm beer and terrible music with dreadful sound. 

They got away with it because...again, our unsophisticated selves wouldn’t allow us to demand better. They got away with it because...our unsophisticated selves wouldn’t allow us to demand quality and value for money. They got away with it because...our unsophisticated selves wouldn’t allow us to even realize that we being treated like animal dung with our own money! 

Well, it is my sincere hope that this nonchalant attitude and unsophistication towards demanding better will parish with Covid-19. When the threat of Covid-19 has been neutralised and society opens up is my sincere hope that you demand value for money. As per Covid-19 teachings, your life would literally depend on it. 
Re-evaluate your favourite hang out spot before Covid-19. Is there ample and safe parking? Does the place have a pro-active security presence? Are the toilets usable or do you have to resort to relieving yourself in the nearby bush or stack toilet paper on the toilet ring to avoid direct contact? Does the counter service you quick enough? Is the music and sound good? If your answer is NO to any of the questions set out in the criteria to a good spot...DO NOT GO BACK TO THAT PLACE AFTER THE LOCKDOWN. 

Why should you endanger your life and go back to a place that clearly does not value your life?  Why go back to a place that clearly does not carry your convenience at heart? You will not compromise on your safety and your valuables like you did before Covid-19. You will not compromise your health and risk infection of Covid-19 Pro Plus 3000 by using an unserviced toilet. You will not compromise your time by standing for hours at a counter begging for service. You will not compromise on the quality of music and sound. No more compromises. It’s your money and you deserve better.  

Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”!
NSK is a professional MC. For bookings, email
@naobebsekind (twitter)

2020-04-17  Staff Reporter

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