• July 14th, 2020

Industry Loop - Ode 2 Entertainment Journalism

Can we admit a few things...firstly, a newspaper without an entertainment section is downright tedious. The entertainment section is that Kapana spice. Who enjoys Kapana without spice? How dare you? Show yourself you philistine!

Secondly, I tend to skip to the entertainment section first before actually reading the paper holistically. I’m pretty sure I am not the only one who does this every Friday (or Thursday). Entertainment news is that tiny bright light in a very dark tunnel of heavy hard-hitting political, crime and community stories. Even sports news is depressing these days. #FootballNeedsToStartDammit #StopTheRacismInRugbyAndCricket #StopCuttingTheSportsBudget

So yes, today Entertainment Journalism deserves a highlight. Entertainment Journalism deserves to be celebrated. Entertainment Journalism deserves a bit of recognition. Can we take a moment and just appreciate the important role of Entertainment Journalists? Entertainment Journalists, you are a special breed. 

You are special because you have to deal with being at the bottom of the journalistic food chain. Newsrooms and their superiors never seem to take Entertainment Journalism seriously compared to political, crime and business journalism. 

You are special because you have to deal with the entitlement attitude of artists and entertainers. Artists and entertainers who feel it is somehow correct to DEMAND, you cover their trash. Artists and entertainers who believe it is ethical to dictate to what you write or how you cover their work. 
You are special because you have to deal with shockingly low slave-like salaries. And don’t give me that crap about “do it for passion, not the money” manure! It’s 2020! Who on earth can you survive on anything less than N$7 000 (before deductions) a month in this Namibia?!  

You are special because your line of work is not really day work. Entertainment events happen mostly at night. That means carrying expensive work equipment to these events like cameras and laptops. That means sitting through these events with dololo entertainment allowance. That means taking a cab at 1:00 am with these expensive work equipment. That’s why Entertainment Journalists hate it when events do not start on time. 

You are special because you have to cover events where organisers do not somehow realise the importance of catering to your needs as a journalist. Needs like a demarcated area for the media. An area that will allow a journalist to take the clearest pictures. An area that will allow a journalist to note down facts without hindrances from revellers. A demarcated area for the media with food and drinks.  Conditions around a journalist are similar to that of an MC. First in, last out. I believe that Entertainment Journalists need to start submitting hospitality riders! An entertainment Journalist, the majority of the time needs to be there from the first second until the last. Especially for concerts and listening sessions. 

You are special because despite all of these unfavourable conditions...you still meet your deadlines. You are special because despite all of these unfavourable conditions you still take the dopest pictures. You are special because, despite all of these unfavourable conditions, you consistently explore creative and innovative angles. 

Newsrooms...value your entertainment Journalists. Ode to Entertainment Journalists. We appreciate your work. You deserve better!
Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”!
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2020-02-28 11:30:27 | 4 months ago

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