• August 11th, 2020

Industry Loop - Ode to wedding Djs 

Wedding Djs are a special breed. A special breed because it takes serious skills, experience, and extensive research to keep two sets of families, two sets of friends, two sets of colleagues, clergy, and acquaintances happy. 

Ever heard of the infamous phrase “you will never be able to please everyone”? That phrase does not exist in a wedding Dj’s world. A wedding Dj will find a way to please every single demographic at the reception. Why? Because a wedding Dj understands that it is not about themselves. It’s about the couple, bringing multiple worlds together under one roof. 

Have you noticed that Djs who play at weddings are not necessarily the same lot that performs at music shows and clubs? They can never be the same because Djs who normally play at music shows and clubs will not survive 30 minutes at a wedding reception. Why won’t they survive you ask? Because they only know one thing...house. 

There is no way in this decorated hell of no booze during stage 2 of the lockdown #OmeHageMaakNxaMan that a house all night Dj will last at a Namibian wedding reception. Especially if they insist on ONLY playing house. Nah fam. Where in this Namibia? Hou op. 
The entrance of the couple...yanos deep house. Opening prayer...yanos deep house. Words from the colleagues, friends, and family...yanos deep house. Champaign popping...yanos deep house. Throw of the garter and bouquet...yanos deep house. The couple opening the dance floor with a waltz...yanos deep house. Rest of the evening....yanos deep house. Og...ouens? Nxo. Hence the need to appreciate Djs who specialises in the art of wedding playlists. I don’t think we appreciate the wedding DJs enough in this country. But oh well, is mos Namibia. Nobody cares right? Its mos just a Dj, what’s the big deal? Its mos just playing music...how hard can it be? Soho. Can you keep your grumpy grandmother, strict dad, weird friends from both sides, out of place colleagues, and downright strange family members happy and on their feet for the rest of the evening? Stop it. Stop undermining the craft. Its an actual skill. Wedding Djs deserve to quote an arm and a leg! 

You must be part of the Fishrot six if you negotiate a wedding Dj’s fee. Ruthless. Don’t you dare negotiate a wedding DJ’s fee! Go pay those house all night DJs with punya punya and a young N$200. That’s probably what they deserve for their shallow knowledge of music and the art of Djing. A wedding Dj deserves a “thanks for your quote, it’s approved”. A wedding Dj deserves a “we hope this excludes accommodation and transport because we will cater to that”. Because a wedding Dj deserves every quoted cent!!

I cannot and will not work with a house all-night DJ. I’ll advise the couple to consider changing the DJ, if they insist on going ahead with that DJ, I will respectfully decline. I know how these house all night DJs operate. I’ve seen what these house all night DJs do at weddings. I will not, I repeat, WILL NOT reduce my professional acumen to that. I am too experienced and learned to be dealing with a cocky and downright stupid house all night Dj. I can’t and I won’t!  

So, Ode to wedding Djs who set up on time, have everything ready including back up equipment in case of eventualities and respect the dress code. Not even the world’s best MC will be able to save a wedding reception that’s crumbling because of a manure Dj. Mr/Mrs/Miss Wedding Dj...you my friend, you are OUR hero! 
Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”!
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