• August 15th, 2020

Industry Loop: Packaged line up

Have you ever pondered on how entertainers like Big Ben, Liz Ehlers, Ras Sheehama, as we as hip-hop cyphers, gospel and deep house artists have sold out shows but shows with packaged entertainers where you’d find 15 acts on one stage do not do well in terms of sales? I will tell you why? I have never been a fan of packaged line ups. Unless the line-up has one feel. Like a jazz line up or a gospel line up, etc. Allow me to explain the sciences of how Big Ben and all these hip-hop cyphers have sold out shows and all these so-called big shows with millions of acts with different genres don’t fill up. A real fan wants to go to a concert and enjoy a certain vibe for the evening. If a fan makes a conscious decision to go to a hip-hop cypher, that fan is expecting hip-hop for the whole night and nothing else. It will really piss that fan off if they were to attend that hip-hop cypher and kwaitos, Afropop and house somehow become part of the line-up. As a matter of fact, that fan won’t even attend that show. No fan wants to pay N$150 or more just to see their favourite act perform four songs. That’s Shaduka madness. What if I only have one favourite act from that line up of 15? As a fan, I would rather wait for a show of my favourite entertainer where I know I would at least get 10 songs for that N$150 that I am paying at the door. No seriously, think about it…Namibians are not bloody stupid. Yes, we are poor. Yes, we zula hard for our money. And you want us to spend our hard-earned money on a performance slot of three to four songs? Nah, fam. Even an album with over 10 songs is 100 bucks. This is why acts like Big Ben, Liz Ehlers, Ras Sheehama can throw shows and have packed venues. Because a fan knows they will dance to Ras, Big Ben and Liz the whole damn night! No story of painstakingly sitting through manure many mores, and by the time your favourite act comes on…you’re grumpy and not in the mood to jive anymore. Whose bloody idea was it huka to have many mores? I just want to talk fam. Can we not adopt a culture of two to three acts for the evening, a starting time and the acts just start the show! Now that poor fan who paid N$150 has to sit through many mores to which they have never heard in their sinful life and is somehow magically expected to be entertained? Stop it people. Personally, if I am not hosting a show…I would go to specialised shows. I would attend a one to two acts show or a line up of five to six acts who have the same genres/feel. Think people. Why do you think the deep house shows that DJ Stiga organisers are always successful? Why do you think D-Naff is always driving a different BMW every time we see him? It’s because D-Naff and Stiga know that to mix genres and somehow magically expect people to turn up and pay N$150 for three songs of each genre is insane! Don’t confuse my stance for a live show to that of an evening out at a club. A club is a different setting. I always believed that a club should have an in-house DJ or a line up of DJs with the ability to play all sorts of music throughout the evening. Because the mindset of a fan going to a club is different for the same fan that is going to a live show. Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”! Oldie of the week: MYNDZ: Feel the culture (2000) NSK is a professional MC. For bookings, email naobebsekind@gmail.com @naobebsekind (twitter)
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2017-11-17 11:09:40 | 2 years ago

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