• January 25th, 2020

Industry Loop: Performing last is so 2009!

Mense, its 2018. How do we still think that it’s cool to perform last in 2018? Why is there this push and pull with performing last amongst artists? As an MC nuh, put yourself in my shoes and understand the annoyance I have at how artists start fighting for the last spot even though performance slots were communicated to them in advance. Performing last was maybe golden back in the early 2000’s but not anymore. 

Allow me to list a couple of reasons as to why performing last is not ideal for both upcoming and established entertainers in 2018! Let us take a scenario of a big festival, a day event that has 20 to 30 performers lined up for the whole day and night. Do you think the crowd will have as much energy as they did at 6pm as opposed to 2am? You will end up performing to a tired crowd. Do you think you will perform to a capacity crowd of 6pm as opposed to 2am? Six pm to 9pm is on average the peak of crowd attendance. Anything after that, people have left. Who is still in the crowd at 2am? The few folks who have their own transport? The few folks who live out of town and came to sunrise? Nevertheless, is it a capacity crowd as compared to 6pm?

Do you think the crowd will be in a sober state to appreciate what you bring to the table at 2am as opposed to at 6pm? At 2am, everyone is on something. Do you really think people at 2am that are high on forbidden substances and intoxicated care about your performance as opposed to at 6pm? At 6pm to 9pm, people are still in a sober state to appreciate your art. At 6pm to 9pm, people are still in a sober state to tweet about your performance. As an artist, don’t you want the 
people who you do it for to appreciate your set? 

Hey listen, I just thought you would want people to take something away from your set. I thought you would want people to remember what you brought to the table the next day right up until the next event. I just thought you would want people to recommend you for the next gig. 

That cannot happen with folks at 2am. Do you really think someone at 2am is standing there and thinking, “Oh wow, this guy is brilliant, I need him for our year end function”? Thoughts of a person at 2am are more like “Yoh, bruh…I’m lit. Where is my phone though? I miss my ex!” 

Get perspective ouens. Do a bit of analyses. It will not kill you to sit down and understand the sciences behind your work. Performing last is so 2009! 

Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”!
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New Era Reporter
2018-10-26 11:16:10 | 1 years ago

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