• February 26th, 2020

Industry Loop: Rebranding Vol. 2

Earlier this year I spoke about how entertainers who may have changed their stage names get pissed when one addresses them on their old stage names. My question at the time was, “Who did you tell that you changed your name?” My question stands till this day. 

However, eight months deep into 2019, I’m going to alter my question a bit. My question as of this moment is, “How long did your familiarization campaign last?” Look, I get it. You answered the first question I posted earlier in the year. Perhaps you announced your new stage identity with a Facebook post? Tweet? Instagram post?  My guess is you probably only did it once nuh? Enlighten us with the numbers around your post engagement? Yet you get annoyed when people still address you on your old stage name?   What is that old Marketing adage…? “Repetition is golden”? Look around you. Look at every bit of marketing in your vicinity. Be it billboards, tv, radio and print. All mediums and platforms have one thing in common, they all repeat adverts. You will see a company advertising a product on a billboard for months. TV and radio would annoy us with the same advert’s week in week out. Adverts would run for weeks in papers.  

Everyone else except you seem to understand that one post on social media will not cut it. People will never remember a single post. You must do way much more than a single post. You need to annoy everyone the same way corporates annoy us with billboards, print, audio and visuals. Your duration is also of utmost importance.  If you are thinking of changing your stage name or already did and have fallen into this trap of correcting people who still address you on your old stage name, you must understand that one’s mind does well with repetition.  

You need to undertake an extensive and prolonged campaign which will constantly remind people that you have changed your stage name. It’s an expensive exercise. An exercise that requires patience. You must spend, If you are not ready to put in the effort and money into a rebranding exercise, don’t do it. Stay with your current identity and perhaps just work on a new image.   

Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”!
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