• July 9th, 2020

Industry Loop: Soundcheck

I am a stern believer of soundcheck. I do not compromise on soundcheck. Soundcheck needs to be done. It's just one of those things. You can’t escape it if you do not want drama stemming from sound issues on the day of your performance…do soundcheck. My position on soundcheck has been crystal clear since I started with this column a few light years ago.  

However, my stance may be challenged by recent developments. There was a time in the entertainment industry where creatives simply did not prioritize soundcheck. It took several editions of Industry Loop coupled with a few embarrassing tech sound glitches to get creatives to prioritize soundcheck.  
As much as I am a hardliner on this, organisers need to get their house in order. Now that creatives are on board and fully loaded with this very important aspect, organisers are doing a complete 360! Organisers are of late sloppy in their logistics to ensure a smooth process to do soundcheck. 

Dear event organiser's, if you have more than one performer on your line up, it will just sit well with all parties involved to schedule each performer into a slot to do soundcheck. I believe the volume is just fine. Do not ask all performers to come at a singular specified time. Instead of “Everyone needs to be at the venue for soundcheck at 10 am”, let it be “YOUR SOUND CHECK IS'' 10 am for 30 minutes”.  

Imagine having Adora, Sally and Oteya all show up at the same time for soundcheck? Who goes first? Why should that person go first? That’s how we cause friction. Because one act will feel unjustly done as they would have to wait despite being on time.  

Schedule each performer into a time slot. Adora at 10 am, Sally at 10.30 am, Oteya at 11 am …etc. 
Communicate the schedule to every performer. Stick to the schedule at all costs! Soundcheck remains critically important. We just need all parties involved to get it right! 

Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”!
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