• February 26th, 2020

Industry Loop: State funeral for Phura!

King Phura deserves a state funeral! Phura revolutionised the way we look at Namibian music. Phura led a whole generation into believing that indeed the Namibian sound is worthy! Phura was the modern-day Jackson Kaujeua. 
Phura used his talent to make people happy. Phura used the power of arts to propel a message of positive vibes and one Namibia! Phura’s lyrics were predominantly in Damara/Nama but such was the brilliance of his work that people in both Kavango regions related and danced along to his music. 

Such was the brilliance of his work that people in the Otjozondjupa region would lose their sanity when “Ti Hana Tsa Xu-E” would come up. Such was the brilliance of his work that people in the stubborn Erongo region who are known to be house lovers would stand on their vehicles and dance to “Sigeti-a”. Phura deserves a state funeral.

Controversial academic Joseph Diescho warned in 2014 against creating a trend of state funerals, which can become dangerous and highly expensive. I think I speak for everyone when I say we’re well past that stage of trying to curb state funerals. People who did less than Phura in terms of getting the ordinary Namibian to unite under the land of the brave umbrella were granted state funerals since 2014! So yes, Phura deserves a state funeral.

I’ve pronounced myself countless times on this platform on the importance of arts. The importance of embracing and immortalising people who successfully used arts to unite me and you. Zimbabwe with an ailing economy buried Oliver Mtukudzi like a king! Namibia with an economy 100 times better than Zimbabwe wants to turn a blind eye on Phura. 
What must one do to get the respect of Namibians and the powers that be? What did Phura not do to not get a state funeral? We already messed up as a country with the great Jackson Kaujeua. 

Why can’t we do right by Phura? Are state funerals only reserved for political leaders? If that’s the case then we might as well put a stop to state funerals. Phura was a national hero who is probably responsible for the birth of many families today. Phura filled stadiums. 

Something modern-day Namibian musicians struggle to do unless there are international acts. I demand a state funeral for Phura. If we don’t grant Phura a state funeral then we have failed another legend. Rest in Peace Abuti Phura. 

Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”!
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