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Industry Loop - This is Namibia

2021-01-29  Staff Reporter

Industry Loop - This is Namibia
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Why do people in the entertainment and arts industry hate honesty? You’d swear that honesty is some sort of virus that everyone is trying hard not to catch. I sincerely believe that honesty...or lack thereof is the number one factor stopping this beautiful space from blossoming into a multi-million dollar industry. 

We have reduced the entertainment and arts industry to clout. Clout is eating away the little that’s left of this beautiful space. Clout has put talentless, clueless and people without a genuine passion for this beautiful space in very powerful positions. 

Clout has elevated these TCP (talentless, clueless and passionless) people to a point where they somehow start to believe that they are better than people who are actually talented, who have a clue and a genuine passion for what they do.  

My mission is simple...TO BE honest. That’s it. If we could have the rest of this beautiful space join me on this journey, we could move mountains. Honesty is what will separate the TCP from the real ones. Can you imagine how heartbreaking it is for an actor who has dedicated their inner core and life to the craft, to not get a role because they do not have enough followers on Instagram? That’s that clout bruh. 

Can you imagine how tragic it is for a Dj who has dedicated their time, money and life to the craft, to not get a gig because they kama not “trending”? That’s that clout bruh. Can you imagine the damage telling a seasoned MC who understands the sciences behind getting a crowd to buy into an event that they are not “sexy” or “handsome” enough? That they are looking for a more...” sexy appeal “? That’s that clout bruh. 
So, what this does is, someone with more followers ends up getting the role and not necessarily someone with the talent. Someone that is trending gets the gig instead of someone with experience. Someone with more sex appeal gets the gig...instead of the knowledge. 
Not that people with followers, trends and sexy appeal are not talented but honestly...what are the odds? But hey...this is Namibia. Namibians themselves honestly couldn’t give a rats a$$. So thrive TCP...make your money. 

Until the next Loop, we say #GMTM          
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2021-01-29  Staff Reporter

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