• March 29th, 2020

IPM conference focused on ‘Relentless Leadership’

WINDHOEK - The 9th Institute of People Management of Namibia (IPM) Conference commenced last week at the Windhoek Country Club, featuring exciting talks under the theme ‘Relentless Leadership’.
This significant annual event brought together human capital practitioners at various levels, including students from International University of Management, University of Namibia, and Namibia University of Science and Technology.

Speaking at the official opening, Bank of Namibia’s Governor Ipumbu Shiimi laid the discourse with talks on talent management, performance appraisal and the need to find purpose as meaningful attributes to successful leadership in a workplace. 

He clarified that although interviews are not the ultimate way of recruiting the best candidate, a proper performance appraisal system in place can dictate the performance of employees at a workplace.  
“People always perform well in interviews, but that is not a determining factor of their job performance. It, therefore, helps to do reference check with former colleagues or supervisors – not the referees indicated in the CVs,” advised Ipumbu.

The governor added that leaders also need to find their personal purposes in life, as it is imperative to lead the self before others. Entrepreneur and public speaker Lazarus Jacobs also gave a swift talk on the need to always revert to one’s personal talent. Jacobs emphasised that talent identification plays a vital role in leadership, as such should always be identified and bolstered into good leadership. 

The conference held talks on developing talent and leadership potential in Namibia, the mastery of leadership by executive, and unconscious bias. On Friday, the delegates deliberated on tackling silent racism and discrimination at work, mastering personal brand power, pursuing inspirational leadership, driving your brand through your employees, upskilling for a digital world, and authentic and psychological capital in public enterprises. These topics were all presented by professional speakers.

This year’s conference was co-sponsored by MTC and Bank of Namibia. IPM Namibia is the official home of all HR practitioners in Namibia, and its vision is to professionalise the HR profession with world-class practices. 

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