• July 10th, 2020

Is art and entertainment in Namibia becoming an industry in its rights?

Three decades after independence, some of the prominent figures in the country are still not satisfied with the growth of the art and entertainment industry, saying there is so much to be done for it to be called an industry. Entertainment Now! spoke to some of the notable figures in the art and entertainment sector to hear their take on this.

Namibian theatre performer, writer and director Hazel Hinda said art and entertainment in the country are not respected and artists are not recognised and acknowledged for their work, which makes it hard for them to put in the necessary effort.

Hinda, who acted in one of the South African’s most popular televison soaps, 7de Laan, as Danny, stated that “There is no industry where artists and entertainers’ talents are exhausted and not funded. What type of industry is this, where one cannot make a career out of their talents?” she questioned.
Hinda says there are talented people in the country, who have the potential to boost the growth of the industry; however, they need support and grooming. 

 Award-winning actor Adriano Visagie, however, expressed art and entertainment are becoming an industry and it has formed different narratives, principals and laws that govern art in the country, through organisations such as the National Art gallery, the National Art Council and Theatre College of the Arts. Visagie believes there is still room for improvement but what comes from these institutions is the form of art and entertainment that the public want to see. One such improvement, according to him, is corporates to invest in art because the government can only do as little.

  “I believe that the stigma around art needs to change. As youth or artists, we need to make sure we make arts and entertainment a business, so that years from now, we have young actors and actresses who can stand up and say ‘acting is my full-time job’ in Namibia,” stated the winner of best actor in the Southern Africa award last year in Burkina Faso.

 Moreover, he said, “we need to understand that the creative industry can create more jobs in the country and that times are changing, so the youth are echoing that art is a business.”
 Visagie advised creatives and corporates to focus on growing the industry. 
 As an actor, he also believes for the industry to grow, the country needs more raw talents to export more of Namibian art to the world. 

 Even though various people have different opinions towards Art and Entertainment in Namibia, the country has so far produced great talents that are currently flourishing in different segments of the industry. 
- ashikololo@nepc.com.na

Aletta Shikololo
2020-03-20 14:27:44 | 3 months ago

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