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Jack of all sounds

2021-07-16  Aletta Shikololo

Jack of all sounds
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At a time when Namibians are still warming to appreciating instrumentalists, local pianist and drummer Star.Keys is using his skills and talent to create a new breed of musicians.

Since his career debut in 2008, Star.Keys, real name Andreas Kudomo, has been leading the pack of instrumentalists, and his growth in the industry has been phenomenal, having worked with various household names, including Top Cheri, Ann Singer, Tulisan, The Future is Giggs.

The classical piano-trained Star.Keys has also played for various orchestras in the country.

VIBEZ! caught up with the multi-skilled artist, who is using his talent to grow the local music industry.

“I have been in the industry for over a decade and it will be selfish of me if I don’t pass on the knowledge and experience I have gained over the years,” said Star.Keys, who started giving music lessons in 2019.

Star.Keys, 21, now has over 10 students under his wing and has taught over 50 students since he commenced giving lessons.

He teaches a diversity of disciplines that include keyboard, piano, drums, studio sessions, music directing, and the understanding of music in general.

“The number of my students dropped drastically since last year during lockdown, but that didn’t discourage me. In fact, it became a tool for me to work smarter. I aim to impact the community positively by bringing out the hidden talents in people, and equipping them with life skills they can use everywhere they go.”

Since the coronavirus outbreak, Star.Keys has transitioned his lessons from in-person to online.

“To ensure the safety of my students, I have cancelled in-person classes until further notice. For now, I teach virtually.” 

He takes students from the age of five and all sessions are held individually.

“Most of my students enrol for lessons at different times and levels; that is why I don’t teach them in groups. This is also to create an intimate setting which allows me to give individual attention to the students.” 

His favourite part about teaching music is when the “light bulb goes on in a student’s head” once they master a song or learn a scale successfully.

“I enjoy helping each student perfect a piece to their individual ability.”

They say there is more to playing an instrument than just making beautiful music, and Star.Keys agrees, saying playing the piano is much more than just putting fingers to keys for him.

He described it as an expression of creativity, emotions, love and adoration for both the music and the instrument, which has influenced his life since joining the music industry.

“It is an impressive and joyful experience.” 

In particular, Star.Keys enjoys playing classical music and RnB.

More information on Star.Keys’ music lessons can be found on his social media pages.


2021-07-16  Aletta Shikololo

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