• April 25th, 2019
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Juline in collab with local artists


Pinehas Nakaziko Windhoek-Juline has recently collaborated with visual artist and videographer Ericke Tjueza, to launch a project called Distinction. Distinction is aimed at empowering local artists in Namibia and beyond and not to hold back. It consists of three concepts of empowering, collaborating and re-writing the status quo. “It also emphasises the importance of collaboration with other creativities, to bring forth wonderful and far-out visuals,” says Juline. The two artists also collaborated on this project with other artists like Zulu Boy, a digital influencer and photographer; and Victoria Hiskia, a blogger. With empowering, Juline explains that people should be encouraged to break out of their shells and create astonishing projects that allow them to showcase their art to society without fear of being discriminated and shamed. As arts comes in different forms such as music, writing, images and photographs, and so much more, different dimensions under arts umbrella came together in a creative collaboration, a magnificent project shot in Namibia, Windhoek. “As creative and artists, we are working to reset some preconceptions as well call on everyone to describe what ‘normal’ looks like to them and reclaim a label that has been widely misused for far too long,” she explains the concept of re-writing. Juline (21) is a medical student in Lusaka doing arts during her free time. “I create content, blog on insatgram (@vintage_infinite) where launch most of my projects. I style people and take pictures of things and people. My kind of escape place. My head is always overflowing with ideas hence I am always keen to put them to life,” she says. Her love for vintage items and hats drove her to launch a brand last September called Psyche. “My visuals and projects are not just images, they've got to speak volume and empower someone out there. Pretty images are a catch to the eye, but what can the next person take out from them? We need to touch the inside,” Juline explains. She has worked on photographic projects like We Are Not A Ordinary People (Stand your ground); Home (No place like home); Psyche Vintage Clothing (Rock what you wear); Unyoke (Do not lose your being, be comfortable in your skin); and Distinction (Empower, collaborate and rewrite the status quo) Arts lovers this year should expect a lot more captivating visuals captivating their souls (psyches), empower them (expand) and more collaborations with different creativities and photographers. Juline is currently working on a project Rooted, which she says, she will talk about it at a later stage.
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2018-02-23 10:55:22 1 years ago

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