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Kanuni Haruwodi school scoops first prize in quiz competition

2019-10-01  Staff Reporter

Kanuni Haruwodi school scoops first prize in quiz competition
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Stefanus Nambara

NKURENKURU – Kanuni Haruwodi Combined School last week Friday emerged victorious during a regional quiz competition.

The 2019 regional quiz competition for schools was organised by the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MICT)’s Kavango West regional office with the aim of sharing information about the ministry with learners as well as testing their general knowledge on government programs and activities.
The winning school saw off four other schools that battled it out in the final round of the competition after five had already ended their journey in the first and second rounds.

An English teacher from the winning school who had prepared the learners for the competition, Sylvia Sirunda, could not contain her excitement.

“I really feel happy, I am excited and it’s really an important event because it helps learners build their self-esteem,” remarked Sirunda. The teacher commended the organiser saying that such events are imperative as they also encourage learners to develop a culture of reading. Carren Mashazi, a learner from the school, said they were fearful of other schools and almost lost hope in the second round but all that was driven out after their teacher assured them they were mentally fit for the final round. 

Meanwhile, Valentin Mpasi, a senior education officer from the directorate of education, arts and culture in Kavango West who formed part of the judging panel, also commended the organiser.
He said that the approach used during the competition by letting learners work in groups is important as it teaches them how to cooperate with each other.

“I think for learners to work in a team is very important because it will help them even in classes. The quiz made them cooperate with each other and at the end of the day they only needed one answer – and it even applies in learner-centered education where learners are given the opportunity to discuss and then come up with the answer,” Mpasi added.

The competition targeted Grade 8 learners out of a total of 10 schools from the region.   
The winners walked away with a floating trophy, medals, certificates and boxes of photocopy paper. Kahenge Combined School and Himarwa Iithete Secondary School, which took second and third positions, respectively, were also awarded boxes of photocopy paper, medals and certificates.

2019-10-01  Staff Reporter

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