• April 26th, 2019
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//Kharas CRO and team told to roll up sleeves

Matheus Hamutenya Keetmanshoop //Kharas regional council chairperson, Jan Scholtz, has called on the acting Chief Regional Officer, Augustinus Ucham, and his team to roll up their sleeves and work hard in order to deliver much-needed services to the people. The CRO became the first in that position to sign a performance contract in the council’s history, and Scholtz says this is evidence that the council is on the right track to perform and deliver excellent services as per its mandate. He was, however, quick to say that this was only possible if those given the responsibility perform to the best of their abilities. “We are delighted with this achievement, which is the first time a CRO has signed a performance agreement in our region, however, we realise that the real work is ahead of us and I wish to encourage the CRO and his team to roll up their sleeves and work,” he said. The acting CRO and directors signed their performance agreements last Friday, and all staff members of the council will soon put pen to paper to ensure that they perform according to the set targets. Scholtz said this is the best way to ensure targets set out in the council’s strategic plan are met, and the aim now is to ensure every council employee signs their agreement before the beginning of the next financial year. “We wish to roll out this programme to all staff members so that by the beginning of the financial year all staff members will have signed performance agreements. The signing of performance agreements is a major step forward in ensuring that we implement our plans,” he said. Some of the major performance indicators in the CRO’s contract is the proclamation of Rosh Pinah as a settlement, rehabilitation of roads, construction of schools, and promotion of the region as an investment hub to ensure job creation and poverty eradication. Caption- CRO: Upping the ante… //Kharas regional council chairperson Jan Scholtz and //Kharas acting Chief Regional Officer Augustinus Ucham during the signing ceremony -       Photo: Contributed  
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2018-03-20 09:12:51 1 years ago

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