• September 18th, 2020

Khomas addresses water woes

The Khomas Regional Council says it has so far managed to provide safe water to 28 out of 31 sites identified in the region. 
Chief Regional Officer Clement Mafwila told New Era that a budget of N$11 million was set aside to address the water situation in the region. 
He added the remaining balance of about N$555 000 has already been committed to cater for other Covid-19 related expenses such as payment to private contractors who are currently supplying water to four communities. 

The projects covered, included the installation of 17 boreholes, 28 solar water systems, 16 cattle troughs and 41 water tanks. 
“A total budget of N$550 000 has been earmarked for this programme over its five-month implementation period. 
Others include the administrative and operational costs incurred through the Covid-19 relief food distribution programme,” he explained. 
President Hage Geingob had declared a state of emergency over the drought situation last year in May.  “Immediately towards the end of the drought season, an emergency declaration was made on the current Covid-19 pandemic. It was under this declaration that the funds were further targeted to ensure that the council attends to some of the urgent water problems being faced by communities within the region, most specifically the Windhoek Rural constituency,” said Mafwila.

 The chief regional officer further said 15 contractors were awarded bids for drilling and rehabilitation of boreholes and the installation of water infrastructure to ensure fair distribution of resources as well as to avoid possible contractual delays that emanate from the appointment of a single supplier.  He added that the regional council is aware of additional localities that still need to be attended to and has therefore made financial provision under its 2020/21 budget to cater for the most critical areas. 

Furthermore, in its response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the council has identified six communities that are currently being supplied with water weekly until the end of the emergency declaration, whilst permanent solutions are currently being sought for these communities. The areas are as follows: Audabib, Kransnees, Koopmansrus, Nauchas, Hatsamas A and B. 
“It is worth noting that since the inception of this programme, the Khomas Regional Council has been inundated with requests by lease holders of farms within the Rehoboth Gebiet as many are pleading for the government to assist them with water supply due to the communal set up they find themselves in,” he said. 
Mafwila added that continuous assessments are being carried out to document such requests for possible interventions when funds permit. - ljason@nepc.com.na

Loide Jason
2020-08-21 10:10:22 | 28 days ago

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