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Khomas Netball fixtures amended … making way for international engagements

2021-10-07  Maurice Kambukwe

Khomas Netball fixtures amended … making way for international engagements
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Eighteen matches in the Khomas Netball League have been brought forward and will be played in a space of a week in order to make way for national and international netball engagements, league leaders said yesterday.

The Super 10, First Division and Second Division matches were initially scheduled to conclude on 30 October, but will now be played over six days from Friday onwards through next week, with the last matches and the awards function scheduled for 16 October.

This change in calendar was necessitated by the Pent Series scheduled for 31 October 2021 to 05 November 2021 in Windhoek, the Africa Netball Championships (09 November 2021 to 16 November 2021 in South Africa), as well as the regional playoffs which will determine the new teams to join the MTC Premier league next season.

Khomas Netball spokesperson Isack Hamata said the executive consulted the clubs, and they responded positively to the amendments. “We all agree that it will be a mammoth task to finish in the coming week, but we are all committed to make it work,” he added. Matches will be played this Friday and Saturday, next Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

This weekend’s fixtures:

Friday, 08 October 2021

Khomasdal Sports Field

18h30 Black Africa (2) vs Tura Magic (2)


Saturday, 09 October 2021

Trustco United Courts A and B

11h00 Tura Magic (2) vs Tigers (2)

NDF (1) vs Afrocat B (1)

12h30 Afrocat (s1) vs Black Africa (s1) 

Rehoboth (2) vs Zebra Force (2)

14h00 NDF (1) vs Nust B (1) 

Afrocat A (1) vs Unam (1)

15h30 Afrocat B (1) vs Gomonate Fella (1) 

Black Africa (2) vs Zebra Force (2)

17h00 Afrocat (s1) vs Tigers (s1) 

Nust B (1) vs Unam (1)

18h30 Afrocat A (1) vs NDF (1) 

Tura Magic (2) vs NCS (2)

20h00 Nampol (s1) vs Tigers (s1)


Meanwhile, Netball Namibia yesterday announced the training squad for the upcoming international competitions. The 27 players will be trimmed down to 12.


The squad: 



Jatjinda Tjihero (Mighty Gunners)

Louise Kausehue (Namibia Correctional Services (NCS)

Jessica Kuzatjike (Afrocat)

Anna Kasper (Namibia Navy)

Eve Kamutushi (Tigers) 

Jessica Moolman (Wanderers)

llyn Pura (NCS) 

Tusnelde Fillemon (Tigers)

Nelandre Mostert (Invitee) 



Selma Bitler (Afrocat) 

Loide Hanyana (Tigers)

Anna Shipanga (Tigers)

Maria Mulunga (Tigers)

Imbileni Frans (Wanderers)

Pupe Kandovazu (NCS)

Uahengisa Tjozongoro (Mighty Gunners)

Zante Farmer (Wanderers)

Victoria Hasheela (Rebels) 



Monica Gomases (University of Johannesburg)

Juzelri Garbers (University of Pretoria) 

Cornelia Mupenda (University of Johannesburg)

Mwale Mulenamaswe (Tigers)

Tjeripo Kambirongo (NCS)

Monique Basson (United 12)

Sunshine Murangi (Grootfontein) 

Geltrud Shiputa (Dollar Stars)

Maria Blessing (Dollar Stars)


2021-10-07  Maurice Kambukwe

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