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Lazarus flourishes with CD sales in the pandemic

2021-06-11  Strauss Lunyangwe

Lazarus flourishes with CD sales in the pandemic
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Strauss Lunyangwe

While some artists find it hard to release CDs since Covid-19 reared its ugly head last year, some have learned to adapt and continue releasing full-length albums.

Lazarus Mvula released his third studio album titled ‘Survivor’ in March this year and has thus far managed to sell 850 copies under strict Covid-19 regulations.

He told VIBEZ! he adopted a face-to-face sales approach, especially with Jukebox owners, and do not only rely on consignment stock being sold at CD shops. 

“My secret is simple: promote the album as much as you can, make quality music, make sure your album is attractive (package wise), and take the music to the people,” he said. 

Mvula’s ideal number of sales is 5 000 copies.

“Survivor is a quality album. A very commercial and inspiring album, so I want it to go international. The songs like ‘Penduka hustle’, ‘Ino lilawe’ and ‘Survivor’ are ranked as the most inspiring songs because they are ideal for this current time as we are fighting against this deadly disease called Covid-19.” 

The certified financial accountant told this reporter the reason why he named the album ‘Survivor’ is that he had contracted the disease, but was able to overcome it.

“First of all, I am a victim, I was infected with the virus in September 2020. I was in the hospital for six days, which made me name my album ‘Survivor’. Because of the virus, I am finding it difficult to hold a show, and also getting booked is a struggle now because the number of people at gatherings has been reduced.” 

Mvula suggests artists should re-strategise and think out of the box to sell their music, especially putting their music online on platforms such as Deezer, iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.

He is also currently busy wrapping up work on his new 15-track project titled ‘Affirmation’, which will be out next year.

Mvula further urged fellow countrymen to be cognisant of the regulations put in place by the government. 

“I’d love to advise my fellow citizens on the precautions of Covid-19: sanitise your hands and wear your protective masks to avoid the transmission of this deadly virus. Protect your families at all coast.”

The album is available in Ondangwa (Okapana Service Station), Oshakati (Cretuva printing shop), Ongwediva (Cretuva printing shop), Outapi (Cretuva printing shop), Omuthiya and Tsumeb.  -

2021-06-11  Strauss Lunyangwe

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