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LEFA completes over 100 000 rides in Windhoek

2021-09-09  Staff Reporter

LEFA completes over 100 000 rides in Windhoek

Towards the middle of August 2021 LEFA Transportation Services reached a major milestone by clocking up more than 100 000 successful LEFA App rides. In fact the local ride hailing mobile application has completed more than 120 000 trips in under four years, taking passengers safely from Point A to Point B. 

LEFA Transportation Services (Pty) Ltd has been shuttling clients around Windhoek through a high tech yet simple mobile application system since February 2018. 

Through smartphone connectivity clients have chosen to utilise LEFA’s safe form of transportation, offering a ride-hailing service like you would find in every major city, town and country across the world. 

One of the main objectives for launching the LEFA App was to also create employment. The drivers that operate under the LEFA banner have all gone through a vigorous vetting process to ensure safety and quality of service to customers. All drivers are all equipped with a Professional Driver’s License (PDP) endorsed and issued by NATIS. This is an endorsement that is only issued to drivers without a criminal record and a clean road traffic law violations sheet. Frequent vetting of drivers and inspection of vehicles is conducted to maintain an excellent standard of service for LEFA’s customers. This has ensured that LEFA has been able to, and will continue to provide a high quality service which is safe, reliable and convenient for all clients. 

LEFA’s services undoubtedly have led to safer roads in Windhoek. Namibia has one of the world’s most alarming road traffic accident statistics in the world and often driving under the influence is a factor. With 120 000 rides completed so far, of which 50%  took place over weekends and in the evenings, LEFA’s contribution to safer roads cannot be discounted. 

This incredible statistic essentially means 60 000 individuals who could potentially have been driving under the influence of alcohol opted to be responsible and make use of a safe, reliable and convenient transport service. 

Less people driving under the influence of alcohol means safer roads, less accidents, less casualties and less damage to infrastructure, saving authorities millions of dollars. Often the excuse for driving under the influence of alcohol was that there was no safe and secure alternative. LEFA’s ride hailing app has made this terrible excuse null and void.  

Melkies Ausiku, founder and managing director of LEFA said: “It is amazing that that we have reached this milestone of 100 000+ rides. Namibians have embraced the app, the technology and we have proven that tech and innovation driven businesses are viable in Namibia”. He continued: “LEFA is looking to further develop and disrupt the transportation industry in the capital and across the country. This milestone is just the start, watch this space.”  With new projects being developed and investors coming on board, LEFA expects the 120 000 rides to be just the beginning. 

2021-09-09  Staff Reporter

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