• August 11th, 2020

Leonard goes solo

Versatile TV personality, MC and now artist Leonard Witbeen is set to release his self-titled album ‘Leonard’ later this year. 
Witbeen recently released his latest solo track on Mother’s Day, titled ‘Days like this’, dedicated to his mother. Speaking to Entertainment Now!, he said the Rnb ballad was written for his mother last year as a token of appreciation for her undying love.

‘’It was co-produced with Micheal Pulse. It’s an emotional song, breaking down how I feel towards my mother (Ousie Kous). It also has elements of how much a child misses their mother years after she has passed away. All in all, it was for mothers both alive and deceased,’’ he narrated.
His music career started off in 2007 with record producer Michael Pulse, whom he eventually released a collaborative album, titled ‘Life and Inspiration’ last year. After being a news presenter on the national broadcaster for many years, he decided the timing was right to venture into his childhood dream of becoming a performer. ‘’It was a massive transition, as I had to reacquire the music writing skill that I haven’t used in ages. Let alone rehearsals late night, countrywide bookings and live performances, aided only by instrumentals. This was what I’d dreamed of since childhood,’’ he explained.

When quizzed by this reporter on how he overcame a leaked sex video scandal that went viral on a popular porn site a year ago, he said: ‘’Yoh, in a nutshell, by counting my blessings. It’s amazing what a human spirit can do. I’m a testimony of that. I’ve received genuine responses from people and that made me realise how impactful I can be. And now I will use music to bring across the message that “You too can overcome obstacles in life. No matter how big or small. Step by step you can do it’’.

Witbeen said people were shocked to hear that he transitioned to being an artist and that they have welcomed him with open arms. He foresees working with a wide range of artists on his project, from hip hop artists straight to icons from way back to existing Rnb talents. ‘’Actually, I will also be working with brand new undiscovered talent. All I’m saying is there’s a new talent on the block. Brace yourselves, my people. Get ready for good music,’’ he ended.

Strauss Lunyangwe
2020-05-15 12:05:47 | 2 months ago

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