• February 25th, 2020

Let bygones be bygones

I have spent much of my life looking into the lives of people I admire. I have always been one who believes in the power of learning and not making mistakes that can be avoided by learning from those that have walked the path before you. I take great pride in seeking and gathering information from people I admire. It is something I tremendously enjoy doing. However, it gave me the false impression that in taking time to learn from people and asking what were the things they wished they knew when they were growing up, it would somewhat save me from making mistakes. 

I was wrong. My wanting to learn from people would grow my well of wisdom. It would place me in a position of knowing and guard me from making unnecessary mistakes, however, it would not make me immune to mistakes. 

I will make mistakes, so will you. You will learn, fail and fail some more. However, the lesson lies in the failure. Although, there are mistakes one can avoid by way of knowledge, there are those intended to mold and shape us. 

There lies a lesson in everything you do. It builds you as a person, allows you to make better decisions next time and sets you forward in as far as wisdom. The key lies in perspective. You have to ensure that the lens through which you look at the lessons life teaches you is that of a teachable mind. Events and circumstances tend to create an opportunity to grow bitter and resentful. Although, these feelings are valid, they are not to become what defines us by way of being. 

I have found that whenever a situation brings anger out of me, it is usually because I feel hurt more than I do anger, however anger is the easier emotion to feel. When I feel betrayal, I find that it is my trust that has been broken, and bitterness is the easier feeling to feel. All these require a level of awareness that forces us to introspect and pinpoint why we feel the way we do. The why is important, because it allows us to process the feelings without it being clouded. Mistakes will be made. Lessons will be learned. It is important that you not allow life’s circumstances to taint your view of life and change who you are. Ensure you do not come to accept that you are bitter, resentful and angry. Negative emotions come with circumstances, they are not meant to come to define you. Ask yourself, is this really who I am? Or, is it time to let go and let bygones be bygones?

Let it go. Allow yourself to feel and heal. Allow yourself to let go of every negative emotion that circumstance has allowed to fester in your heart. Today, you are free. Free of everything you have allowed to grow in your heart and today you become the true version of yourself. Free. Healed. Whole. 

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With Love

*Mavis Braga Elias is a Civil Engineer by qualification and a Marketing Officer by profession. A philanthropist of heart and founder of the EM Love Foundation. She won the Vivid Philanthropist award in 2015 and the Queens Leaders Awards 2018. Find her on Twitter -@mavisbraga

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