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‘Let LPM rule, we are not needed’… Swapo no-show at //Kharas meeting

2021-04-12  Steven Klukowski

‘Let LPM rule, we are not needed’… Swapo no-show at //Kharas meeting
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KEETMANSHOOP - Despite being invited in writing for a second time to attend a meeting to nominate and elect members of the //Kharas Regional Council management committee, three Swapo councillors opted to remain absent, in the process waving their democratic right for nomination. 

The three Swapo constituency councillors are Lazarus Nangolo (Oranjemund), Taimi Kanyemba (Karasburg West) and Susan Ndjaleka of !Nami#Nus. Approached for comment, Swapo //Kharas regional coordinator, Matheus Mumbala said the party opted not to attend a meeting not properly organised. 

“Residents in //Kharas region decided that they do not need Swapo for the next five years, so let LPM rule for that period,’’ he then explained. 

Mumbala added the regional council will not be able to progress politically without Swapo and that the party will consult the law on the appointment of regional councillors both as members of the National Council and management committee of a regional council. 

Magistrate Elzabe Konjore who was presiding over the elections proceeded with the nomination process after explaining that the Regional Councils Act does not forbid a member representing a regional council in the National Council or occupying any other position to be nominated and elected as a member of that respective regional council’s management committee. 

Consequently, Gerrit Witbooi and Anseline Beukes who are both on the ticket of the Landless People’s Movement were duly elected as members of the management committee, joining chairperson, Joseph Isaacks who has been sworn in late December last year.

Approached for comment, Isaacks said they were happy and excited to be in full control of the management committee now. “Swapo stood its ground not to be nominated as members of the management committee and we will now abide by the interpretation of the Namibian law,’’ he explained. 

He added LPM knew all along that Swapo does not want to join hands and work along with them in the region. “Residents in //Kharas region should rest assured from now on that their interests will be looked at by the management committee. 

“Witbooi, after being nominated said, despite being a member of the National Council, he will avail himself fully to be part of the newly established management committee. “LPM has closely observed that Swapo wanted to sabotage the development in //Kharas region, but today we came to the forefront as victors to ascertain development in our region,’’ he added. 

Meanwhile, LPM leader Henny Seibeb emphasised that it has been expected from Swapo to be present during the meeting, nominating members for a fully constituted management committee, but that misinterpretation of the Regional Councils Act might have led to their absence. 

“Their secretary general as well as the respective line minister all misread this piece of legislation and in the process withhold the management of the //Kharas region by excluding their regional councillors from the meeting convened,’’ he said.

Seibeb added the LPM always has the agenda to, through elections, strive towards the development of all residents of the //Kharas region.

“We just want to wish our newly appointed councillors as members of the management committee in the region all the success in their endeavours and we are furthermore happy to be in full control of the management of the Hardap and // Kharas regions now,’’ he said. 

2021-04-12  Steven Klukowski

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