• May 30th, 2020

Lethoba to release debut CD soon

Entertainment, Time Out
Entertainment, Time Out

Tuulikki Abraham Lüderitz-Theresia Lethoba, commonly known as ‘Sister Lethoba’, will release her long awaited gospel CD soon. The 53-year-old Lethoba has brought comfort to the Lüderitz community over many years, as she is well known for singing gospels songs and hymns at funerals. The Head of COSDEC Lüderitz and former Lüderitz mayor, Suzan Ndjaleka, organised a Gospel Sing Out fundraising event in Lüderitz, to raise funds to assist Lethoba to realise her dream of realising her long awaited Gospel CD. They held the fundraiser on July 30 at the Benguela Community Hall in Lüderitz. “We are hosting it for her, in support of a woman to have sustainable income through her talent,” Ndjaleka said. COSDEC’s goal is to assist women and the youth to earn sustainable incomes for themselves. It therefore helps emerging entrepreneurs, artists and crafters to move forward, by mentoring them and helping them find funding. “As centre manager, I am inviting all talented women and youth within our community to join us in our humanitarian journey towards this goal. Bring your skills and talents to us and let us discover what we can do to make this the best way to strive towards successful income generation,” Ndjaleka said. Sister Lethoba thanked God that there were still good Samaritans. She said that at many events were she sang, people would ask her for her CD but due to financial constraints she was unable to produce a CD. Lethoba applauded Ndjaleka and her friend who decided to help her with fundraising. “I sang Gospel throughout my youth, and I must say I am blessed by God with such a talent. I want my singing to be a blessing to my fellow human beings”, Lethoba said. The gospel singer concluded that the most positive thing she discovered was that there were still good people out there who were willing to assist without any gain for themselves. She encouraged other gospel artists not to lose hope but to remain focused.
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2017-08-04 12:28:15 | 2 years ago

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