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Letshego launches digital wellness with Brandmed 

2022-04-08  Staff Reporter

Letshego launches digital wellness with Brandmed 

African finance provider Letshego Africa is enabling instant digital access to wellness and affordable health solutions via its LetsGo Digital Mall, a multichannel digital platform, in partnership with healthcare group Brandmed. BrandMed is a leading, digitally-savvy healthcare group that continuously reimagines health, using technology to empower a better quality of life for healthcare practitioners, patients and funders.

The Letshego-Brandmed partnership enables Letshego to offer digitised, world-class wellness, health facts and advice to its footprint communities across Africa. Digital wellness services will soon include virtual medical consultations for individuals wherever they may be located, all within a few clicks via Letshego’s Digital Mall. 

Letshego’s Group Chief of Products, Chipiliro Katundu, commented, “Our wellness offering in the LetsGo Digital Mall, in partnership with BrandMed, is the first in Letshego’s LetsGo Lifestyle series of solutions and offerings that aligns with our brand purpose to improve lives.  

The LetsGo Digital Wellbeing programme provides instant digital access and affordable health solutions in various dimensions, supporting customers with better health, better fitness, better nutrition and wellbeing awareness.  In line with our intent of being customer-led and moving ‘beyond financial services’, the digital wellbeing offering is our response to the holistic lifestyle needs of Letshego customers”.

BrandMed’s vision is to create a virtual, people-centric, outcome-inspired health and wellbeing ecosystem, validated by medical science and extended in access through  value-sharing partnerships, like that of Letshego. Thanks to BrandMed’s intensive research and innovation, LetsGo Wellness will integrate and provide a combination of solutions for all visitors to the LetsGo Mall. These digital health solutions will soon  include screening, in-practice clinical decision support, health management tools, telehealth, remote patient monitoring as well as a selection of diverse virtual wellbeing and patient engagement tools.

“Regrettably, we live in a world where the gap between the demand and delivery of reliable and quality healthcare will continue to widen. The ongoing global pandemic has also highlighted the health inequity that exists across our communities. 

 By partnering with Letshego Africa, we can leverage the Group’s regional digitalisation strategy to promote equality in accessing wellness solutions that assist in closing the gap in broader communities being able to get expert medical care. 

 Digital access also enables those most at risk, or those who may be immobile, to seek help and support for their health and wellbeing wherever they may be located,” added Dr Riaz Motara, cardiologist and founder of BrandMed Group. 

The LetsGo Wellness programme is well-placed to support Letshego’s ‘LetsGoNation’, a regional community of followers and users of the LetsGo Digital Mall who wish to leverage the power of Digital so that communities can connect more and do more to improve their lives.

Ester Kali, Letshego Namibia’s CEO, added, “Our LetsGo Digital Wellbeing platform is now live on our Mall in Namibia.  If you haven’t already registered, we invite all our customers, partners and stakeholders to register on our LetsGo Digital Mall, and join the new age revolution in digitising wellness and healthcare.  

In line with our purpose to improve the lives of our customers, this new wellness platform increases access to more affordable, expert healthcare, wellness and nutritional advice as Letshego strives to provide more holistic support to members of the communities where we operate”. 

Customers in Letshego’s regional footprint can access the digital wellness solution by simply registering on the LetsGo Digital Mall via the Mobile App or Web. 

In providing access to virtual wellbeing and healthcare support in just a few clicks, Letshego Africa is supporting its vision to be a digital-first organisation. 


Photo: Kali

Caption: Ester Kali, Letshego Namibia’s CEO. Photo: Contributed

2022-04-08  Staff Reporter

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