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Letter - Voters will decide on Namibia’s  next presidente

2021-11-26  Staff Reporter

Letter - Voters will decide on Namibia’s  next presidente
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Alvenus F. Dreyer


During Namibia’s last Presidential and National Assembly elections, the people of this republic voted for their preferred presidential candidates and political parties. Recent talks about the current president aiming to sit for a third term is of no relevance, does not make any common sense, and definitely does not serve the nation any good. 

If we are enlightened enough and are aware of what is happening in our beloved Motherland, unnecessary and irrelevant talks about the current president wanting to sit for a third term are totally absurd.  The writings are on the wall, the ruling Swapo party has not delivered on its promises, and perhaps one would not want to blame Swapo for the non-delivery of its promises. Swapo was/is a political freedom movement, an organisation led by its office(s), branches and all other role-players. 

But unfortunately when things go wrong and the party is accused of corruption and all sorts of non-performance, those of us not in the inner circle of things can only come to our own conclusions.  When during 2014 President Hage Geingob scored 87% votes, people were asking but how, considering Namibia’s ethnic political affiliations? 

Five years down the line during the November 2019 elections, the same president gets a 56% vote, and again people were asking what happened. Little did we know deep- rooted corruption activities such as that of Fishrot played an instrumental role in what transpired in Namibia’s national elections. 

Today, even with proof of financial transactions of the party receiving unexplained payments, some members in the upper house of the party still continue defending the party, actually defending their illegal and undemocratic actions. Perhaps these individuals are forgetting that they are only continuing to tarnish the image of the party.  Namibia’s next president, come 2025 and beyond, will not be President Geingob, and necessarily also not a president from the Swapo party. The late Kazenambo Kazenambo had a democratic, fair and noble view when a few years back he mentioned that the time has come for Namibia to also have a non-Oshiwambo president. President Geingob came and he will go just like his predecessors, making way for others as per the constitutionally guaranteed free and fair elections. 

*Proponent for social and economic justice, born and brewed in Namibia.                                                                                                                                         

2021-11-26  Staff Reporter

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