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Lingering vandalism irks governor

2020-09-11  Loide Jason

Lingering vandalism irks governor
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Khomas governor Laura McLeod-Katjirua has expressed concern over some members of the public’s non-adherence to Covid-19 state of emergency regulations as well as the rampant vandalism of property meant to help fight the pandemic in the informal settlements such as water tanks. 
McLeod-Katjirua, who was speaking during her weekly Covid-19 regional response briefing yesterday, singled out residents of Mix, Kapps Farm and Groot Aub who are allegedly vandalising property. “As we continue to complement the majority of our residents for the noticed adherence and compliance to the set regulations, we will also continue to extend a serious appeal to those non-cooperating individuals in our diverse communities to refrain from their bad habits of non-compliance and non-adherence with immediate effect and to bring their side in the best interest of the region and the country at large,” said the governor. 

She said the region has made every effort possible to supply residents with safe drinking water to ensure better compliance and adherence to the health and hygiene protocols. She also added the City of Windhoek will continue to refill up to 48 water tanks on a daily basis. 
The tanks were installed at Mix, Kapps Farm, Groot Aub and around Windhoek’s informal settlements. “We must rise to the challenge to reduce the loss of livelihood and to promote economic recovery. 

We must all adopt solidarity and sympathy driven social responsibility that will ensure the promotion and daily protection of the health and safety of our elderly and all the vulnerable members of our society,” she explained. 
The governor further stated that although the Covid-19 statistics for this week indicate that there is a slight decline in cases, there is a need to do more to avoid rising positive cases. 

“However, these current results must be an appropriate opportunity to jointly rekindle our hope, lift our moods and to be a great source of reassurance and determination to appear stronger day by day to overcome the challenge of Covid-19.”

2020-09-11  Loide Jason

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