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Nalebrity - Lioness bags Scream All Youth Award… there’s no stopping for the rapper

2021-08-31  Staff Reporter

Nalebrity - Lioness bags Scream All Youth Award… there’s no stopping for the rapper

Rapper Lioness is currently at the peak of her career, and there’s no stopping for her. The rapper has been a true definition of ‘hard work and perseverance pays off’. She continues to capture our hearts with her unprecedented wins in her career.

Homegirl recently announced she bagged the Best New Act of the Year award at the Scream All Youth Awards 2021, adding to her growing collection.

Taking to her Instagram account to celebrate her accolade, she wrote: “God, you saw my tears, the rejection and the broken self-esteem in 2020 when I was nominated for awards I thought were meant for me! Coming out of a freak car accident, going to the awards and still not winning broke me!”

“But you told me that patience is all it takes and now I won my first-ever music-related award after 15 years!!! Thank you @screamawards. Thank you to the pride! Thank you for believing in me always! This is huge for me.”

Lioness has become a force to be reckoned with in the industry. It was her EP ‘Ill4: The Sequel’ that catapulted her to stardom and she has never looked back.

Ever since, sis has been winning in every aspect of her career. However, she recently announced she has part ways with her management and took to social media to put her management on blast. 

“I have aspirations people can’t keep up to. Too many people who worked for me previously either lied, misused my money, or tried to take me for an idiot.”

Lioness later announced that she is currently working in her studio. 

We absolutely love her work ethic and working hard to build her empire. Having her own studio means she will get to release more music – as in the past couple of months, she has been juggling her career as a doctor and a musician.
In 2020, she shook everyone on social media when she revealed she was involved in a car accident but escaped unharmed. 

“On the way back from the clinic yesterday… the tyre burst and we rolled three times. No one got seriously hurt, but please keep safe and remember, tomorrow isn’t promised.”
Lioness is a workaholic of note and revealed she was inspired by her late mother to be a hard worker. In an interview with Aljazeera News, she disclosed that her mother had two jobs and worked hard to raise them as a single parent.

“My mother really instilled this hard-working personality in me, and she was quite musical herself. She used to play the guitar. After her chemo, I wanted to buy her a new one, but she only ever had one round.”

“Despite having two jobs, my mother was still excelling in them and she was making sure that she’s contributing to the growth of these careers… you know, putting in as much effort as she can to make it happen.”

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2021-08-31  Staff Reporter

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