• April 1st, 2020

LPM candidate promises change in Keetmanshoop

Steven Klukowski

KEETMANSHOOP - Landless People’s Movement candidate for the Keetmanshoop Urban by-election Maximiliza Minnaar says nepotism and political patronage has led to the sidelining of many Namibians. Addressing members of the media yesterday, Minnaar gave the assurance that under the LPM, “each and every Namibian citizen and inhabitant matters and is valued, regardless of race, ethnicity, social standing or political affiliation”. 

Minnaar further said the movement will have in place a dedicated social programme for the elderly of //Kharas Region. “We will ensure that more pay-points are set up for the elderly, since, in many cases, they have to sleep outside the Nampost building just to be first in the line to receive their grants,” she explained. 

The nominated candidate continued by promising that once LPM takes over Keetmanshoop Urban constituency, they will write-off all outstanding municipal debts of the vulnerable and elderly residents.  “We cannot continue to allow a situation where shebeens continue to mushroom to the detriment of our society and school-going children,” she said. 

She also decried the issue of shebeens and bars operating in close proximity to schools, places of worship and in residential areas. She then added that the LPM will work closely with government to set up a drug-and-alcohol rehabilitation centre within Keetmanshoop Urban that can then serve the whole region. In terms of the increased migration of residents from rural to urban areas, she reasoned that this is caused by the drought, desertification, led degradation and poverty in rural areas. 

“The LPM shall give title deeds to all so-called ‘illegal’ plot owners within 100 days after winning election,” Minnaar said. The nominated candidate also emphasised they will work on various projects that can unleash the economic potential of Keetmanshoop to create jobs and provide food security for the vulnerable of the town.  

Speaking at the same occasion, movement member Desmond Tjipanga said each community has its own problems; thus, it is imperative they should find solutions from within and avoid importing solutions from other areas. He further questioned the logic behind the Krönlein residential area being resorted under Keetmanshoop Rural constituency.

“The rates and taxes these people pay goes to the Keetmanshoop municipality, and as such, Krönlein belongs to Keetmanshoop Urban constituency,” he reasoned. 

Another movement member Antonio Stuurmann argued that despite //Kharas region being one of the richest in the country, its inhabitants remain the poorest. 

“We are faced with economic exclusion, social deprivation and the continued humiliation of grinding poverty, “ he said. Stuurmann further raised concern towards the lack of housing and inadequate sanitation that residents of Noordoewer and Aussenkehr endure whilst working at a million-dollar grape industry. 

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