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Luchi bakes a dream

2021-09-24  Aletta Shikololo

Luchi bakes a dream
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Loretha ‘Retha’ Muzanima is exemplary for the kind of passion she demonstrates, her rational approach to entrepreneurship, and fighting personal setbacks into creating her own venture – Luchi Treats.

When Retha began her baking journey, home baking was not as acclaimed as it is today.

Growing up in the dusty streets of Soweto, Retha chose to illustrate her life experiences through baking.

“This is emphasised due to the era of growing up in a rural environment. My mother stressed two things; education and being a productive citizen. This was to ensure one day I would give back to the community that moulded me as a kid,” she told VIBEZ!

Having only started her baking career three years ago, she said she has always had a passion for culinary arts since she was young. She was eager to also generate extra income for her family hence she turned her hobby into a business.

“I had once baked a cake in the shape of letter A for my husband and shared the picture on my social media page. It was an instant hit and most of my friends were wondering if it’s a real cake, and if I honestly baked it myself,” Retha explained.

It’s that particular cake that got clients piling up.

Not everyone has the patience to bake but for her, baking is exciting and relaxing.

“The process is beautiful and magical. The desire to, sort of, do something I had a bit more control over when everything felt a bit out of control, is quite fascinating and I enjoy every bit of it,” she said.

Retha learned this process early on, baking with her mother at a tender age.

She is mother to a lovely daughter Oluchi, after whom she named Luchi Treats. Retha believes her family is her best critic.

“I like to impress my family with innovative dishes. They are usually the first to bear with all my experiments and enjoy the results of my success too,” she added.

From classic cream cakes to indulgent gateaux and cupcakes, one of the country’s most talented young bakers does it all.

Chocolate cakes with creamy vanilla/caramel filling are her bestseller.

“We don’t compromise on our services and we are very focused on creating the best tasting treats, using nothing but all natural ingredients. Whether it’s a cupcake or birthday cake, we see each creation as more than just a mouth-watering treat for our clients’ taste buds; we see it as a work of art,” said the self-taught baker.

Every day she gets into her kitchen, she is baking a ‘‘dream’’ for herself and her customers.

“In the food industry, you aren’t just serving food, you are selling an experience. So, one of my major goals is to provide a customer experience that encourages repeat business. From the moment a patron places an order until that patron receives that order, that person should feel as if they are valued,” said Retha.

She is currently enrolled online at the International School for  Culinary Arts to improve her skills.

“My current sales are mainly to pay for my fees and to open a culinary arts school shortly for less -fortunate kids in Namibia,” she said.




Baking a dream… A cake by baker Loretha Muzanima.

Photo: Contributed

2021-09-24  Aletta Shikololo

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