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Lukato calls for unity in Zambezi region

2021-01-19  Obrien Simasiku

Lukato calls for unity in Zambezi region
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The National Democratic Party (NDP) leader, Martin Lukato, has implored inhabitants of the Zambezi region to unite more than ever and bury the tribal hatchet.

Lukato particularly urged the Masubia and Mafwe tribes who have long standing historical conflicts to unite and put the tribal hatred aside and instead work together towards developing the region. 
“Tribalism and division do not help us develop our region. We benefit nothing from this division, tribalism grudges and hatred planted in our region, united we stand and divided we fall. Therefore, let us all join hands to fight and defeat this cancerous issue that has derailed this region,” reiterated Lukato while emphasising that NDP is a multiparty, thus does not condone any form of hatred, tribalism and regionalism in Zambezi and the nation at large. 

On a different note, Lukato urged government to intensify operations at Wenela border post with Zambia so that no mangoes are imported into the country. 

He said this practice has disadvantaged local people from trading or transporting fruits from the region to the rest of the country due to the outbreak of the Asian Fruit Fly that led to the ban of mangoes to other parts in 2019.
In addition, he said, Namibia has the potential to produce own fruits and crop products, especially in Zambezi and Kavango regions due to the fertile soil and the availability of water from the rivers. 

He thus appealed to government to create projects or empower locals with tools and finance so they can start on their own. 
“This will also help Namibia to stop depending on buying everything from South Africa. Zambezi and Kavango regions have fertile soil and availability of water. Fertilisers, affordable loans and tools must be given to small farmers, for us to see this materialising,” said Lukato.
Lukato also wants a mango and timber factory to be established in both Zambezi and Kavango regions respectively. 
“We are sick and tired of exporting raw materials. Namibia is a rich country full of natural resource, no one should die from hunger or poverty,” he added.

Furthermore, he asked government to channel water from the Kavango and Zambezi rivers to see to it that residents have access to potable water, thus avoiding prevalent crocodile attacks that lead to loss of lives.  

2021-01-19  Obrien Simasiku

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