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M-Gee releases fourth album …as he continues his quest to conquer

2019-10-14  John Muyamba

M-Gee releases fourth album …as he continues his quest to conquer

RUNDU – Rundu based rapper M-Gee has released his fourth album titled Esimbi which translates as an ‘elder’, describing his growth in the music industry that he has taken on since 2009 when he started recording and later released his first studio album in 2011 titled First Page.

Not only did M-Gee emerged with the potential to compete in the local music industry, but he has now proved that he is here to stay.
M-Gee released his latest offering on 30 September and he is currently planning to launch it soon. 

The upcoming rapper says a lot has inspired him to drop the fourth album, “Back in 2009, I released my first studio album, First Page, then I buckled up for more, I came through with my second album Moments in life, after four years due to some shortcomings and life-shaping processes I could only record when time prevailed. My third album only came through in 2017, under the name Sikura Epampa which described how far I want to go with music which also carried heavy tracks like Vanapirura Kulirapa ft M.I.G, a hip hop track which I shot a classic video that got my work recognised on Trace Africa,” he said.

“The album also brought educational songs in Rukwangali like Kahunhwagona and many other good tracks,” he added.
  Growing up with so much exposure to his roots and tradition, M-Gee got so much attached to it. “In my heritage, they say take care of the roots to keep the tree standing, my music defines who I am and where I come from,” he noted. 

“I’m from the Kavango East Region full of happy souls who are proud to embrace their cultural sounds, Matjakili no Nkurugoma (Bass drum) so I created my style to link up with the new generation of Kavango which is paving away from our culture just to keep them connected to our origin since music is the most thing that appeals to many, at the same time to get these energy introduced to the world. I am a flexible artist who can do any style but I’m more comfortable when I’m doing something that links me to my ancestors,” he continued.

“Music does a lot of things to people, it educates, rehabilitates, comforts and installs humanity in so many that feel left out and lost.”

  M-Gee’s latest album is bringing an energetic joyful vibe, he aims to bring happiness to the world and taking listeners, fans back to the real story from the motherland Namibia. “As an independent artist, I struggle a lot, my main struggle was getting a producer who understands me and gives me what I want without limitations,” he added.

The local rapper says Esimbi describes him as a grown man, someone that upcoming artists should look up to in the music industry, as he carries the code of the Kavango rhythm (Matjakili), which according to him is a beautiful sound that Namibia have failed to recognise as a category in the Namibian Music Award (Namas). He has vowed to never give up and will keep doing this type of music and pass it on as a legacy.

2019-10-14  John Muyamba

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