• July 20th, 2019
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Man jailed for savage attack on woman

Crime and Courts
Crime and Courts

Eveline de Klerk WALVIS BAY - The Walvis Bay Magistrate’s Court sent a stern message in terms of GBV when it sent to jail a man convicted for slashing and scaring a woman during a fight. The man was jailed for 18 months. Jeffrey Victor, 36, initially from Tsumeb, on May 20, 2017, brutally savaged Walvis Bay resident, Kulaumone Shekupe, 31, during a vicious fight at Styles Lounge in Kuisebmond. Court documents stated Victor, broke a whiskey glass in Shikupe’s face, causing deep lacerations of four centimetres on her cheek. Shekupe was fighting with Victor’s wife, Monica Victor, who is her cousin.  However, Victor got involved in the fight and he stabbed Shekupe in the face and chest with a broken whiskey glass. Shikupe was stabbed on her right cheek and chest. Court documents further stated the cuts were deep and she will undergo reconstructive surgery on her face next year. Prior to the sentencing, State prosecutor, Sylvia Kauluma told the court that Victor, acted recklessly though there was no direct danger posed to him by Shekupe. “Hence society demands persons committing serious offences to be punished severely. The court must show society that the State will join hands with society to show that violent acts will not be tolerated,” she said before imposing the jail term. She indicated that paying a fine in this case will not do justice, as the accused did not accept responsibility and should thus be sentenced for 36 months. Lawyer Esta Steyn, who represented, Victor, said the he is a productive citizen and a first-time offender. She suggested that Victor be given a fine of N$4 000, instead of a jail term. However, Magistrate John Sindano sentenced Victor to 18 months effectively for assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm, read with the provisions of the Domestic Violence Act.  Victor was acquitted of attempted murder and had his bail of N$6 000 cancelled.
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2018-06-05 09:32:48 1 years ago

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