• July 17th, 2019
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Man kills girlfriend…buries her 200 km from crime scene

Front Page News
Front Page News

John Muyamba Rundu-The town of Rundu was reeling in shock yesterday after a 32-year-old man took the police to what is beng termed a secondary crime scene where he allegedly buried his girlfriend after he strangled her at Divundu, drove with the body for 200km and before burying it in Rundu. The suspect was reportedly seen late Saturday at Divundu Combined School teachers’ houses where the deceased stayed, after starting her teaching career this year at the school. This was the primary scene as the deceased was allegedly murdered there before her corpse was transported to be buried in a shallow grave at Rundu, in an attempt to conceal the hideous crime. The suspect was arrested on Sunday and is said to have confessed to the police yesterday. He wore grey shorts and a red sweater as he accompanied police to where he said he had buried the body. People gathered around to witness the events unfolding, could not believe their eyes as police dug about only 15 centimetres into the ground to exhume the body of the woman. The body was exhumed just before lunchtime, and eye-witnesses saw a dead woman dressed in jean shorts and a torn white t-shirt. The body seemingly had no scars or any other visible injuries, with only blood coming out of its mouth. “Yes, I can confirm that there was a girlfriend killed by a boyfriend, and a case of this murder is currently under investigation. The boyfriend was seen there and that led us following it up and traced him and brought him in and after thorough interrogations he confessed having done it (sic),” confirmed Kavango East Crime Investigations Coordinator, Deputy Commissioner Bonifatius Kanyetu. Sources informed New Era the victim had broken off their abusive relationship some time ago but this allegedly did not go down well with the boyfriend, as he never accepted it and had been forcing the woman to take him back. It was further reported the deceased was in Rundu on Friday and went back to Divundu on Saturday, where she found the suspect waiting for her. Reports are that she called her mother notifying her of her movements, but when the mother tried to call back, her phone went unanswered. “People should report violent relationships. When parents come to know that their children are in a violent relationship they must report it, because upon my enquiry I found out that these people were not in a very good relationship - at least we could have stopped it by trying to separate them. I was informed that the relationship went sour and he was allegedly always forcing his way even though the girl wanted to move on and he was jealous,” Kanyetu said.
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2018-02-13 08:55:36 1 years ago

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