• July 15th, 2020

Man shot in Operation Kalahari in Erongo

WALVIS BAY – A man was shot in Kuisebmond during the second phase of Operation Kalahari Desert that started over the weekend in Erongo Region. 

The man was trying to flee after he allegedly robbed another man on Saturday at around 02h30 at a popular hangout area in Kuisebmond. 

Crime investigations coordinator for the Namibian Police in Erongo, Deputy Commissioner Erastus Iikuyu, on Saturday said the suspect who is currently being treated at Katutura state hospital whilst under police guard, and another suspect allegedly grabbed a wallet from the victim and fled. 

“However, members of the Namibian Defence Force who were also part of the operation patrolling in the  vicinity of Kuisebmond Centre, near Sushi Bar and JB Sport Betting Bar area in Mica Street, saw the two suspects  grabbing both arms of the man and taking his maroon wallet containing N$300 and started running,” Iikuyu explained.

He said police and NDF members chased the suspects, with one NDF member firing three warning shots from his service pistol, however the suspects kept on running. 
One NDF member fired a fourth bullet which allegedly struck one of the suspects in the back and exited through his abdomen. 

“The suspect fell down and was arrested. The second suspect managed to flee,” he said.
The injured man was taken to Walvis Bay hospital after which he was transferred to Katutura hospital where he is said to be in a stable condition.
The injured suspect is Herman Shiimi, 21. 

Meanwhile, the  firearm used in the shooting was confiscated, while two cases were registered. 
The robbery victim Xoagub opened a case of robbery, while a case of attempted murder was made against the NDF member. 

The NDF soldier’s case will be investigated and the docket forwarded to the prosecutor general’s office for a decision. 


Eveline de Klerk
2019-08-19 07:10:21 | 10 months ago


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    Leonard Alweendo

    My view is short of logic as to why a soldier has to be charged after shooting at a thief or suspect even if that person was at fault. Where is the protection and safety of these people made to operate under Kalahari Operation? and what is the objective that these guys made to be in operation if their right is not protected.