• September 26th, 2020

 Markes Haufiku, Kwaito flows in his veins

Entertainment Now! caught up with the new kid on the block, Markes Haufiku who is presently making waves in the Namibian Kwaito industry, about his upcoming album ‘The rocket’.

The 20-year-old Kwaito singer is undoubtedly part of the fast-growing new generation of Kwaito artists breaking the mound, such as the likes of Manxebe, Kaboy Kamakili, and Tulisan among many others.
Haufiku recently established his name in the music scene after the debut of his music video ‘Toti ngeipi’ which went viral on social media.
Since the release of his music video, Haufiku said he had time to reflect on what’s most important to him, which is creating a name for himself and a strong fan base while working on his album dropping in September.

“What’s more interesting about this longed-for album is, it will be complemented with fun music videos,” he told Entertainment Now!
Just like an object itself, ‘The rocket’ perfectly describes the artist, saying he is fast, full of energy and one of the fast-growing upcoming artists.
“The title is about me. I am fast in everything I do and I believe my character goes well with the title of the album,” said Haufiku.
‘The rocket’ is a 19 track album that features some of the household names such as Ras Marley, Kaboy Kamakili, and others.
Markes Haufiku is on a project deal with H25, a marketing firm and he is thrilled with the new deal.

“This young boy passed all tests; I gave him all types of music challenges and he is fast like a rocket. The album is commercial, educating, fun, another art piece for the Namibian game,” said music promoter and manager January Ivula.
He said, “We are polishing Markes Haufiku for the industry. Believe me, he will be super matured for the game after working on this project with H25 marketing.”
Ivula describes Haufiku as one of the young artists passionate about their work.
“Apart from the fact that he understands the music business, Haufiku is multi-skilled and very unpredictable,” he said. 
 – ashikololo@nepc.com.na

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