• October 21st, 2020

Mayor eliminated from poll contest

Nuusita Ashipala
ONGWEDIVA - The mayor of Ongwediva Angelina Angula as well as a member of the management committee Maria Kavalela will not be contesting for this year’s local authority elections after they were eliminated at a Swapo district conference on Sunday.
In addition to Angula and Kavalela, other candidates who lost at the district conference are Sigo Amunyela, Nangolo Abraham, Eliaser Nambinga, Rauna Hainghumbi and Juliana Nepembe-Haimbodi.
Other members who will not be contesting are deputy mayor Jason Asino and councillors Johannes Shitundeni and Malakia Katumbo who indicated that they will not partake in the coming elections.
Shitundeni served as an additional member to the management committee while Katumbo was an ordinary member.
Katumbo last year already indicated that he will not be contesting this year, in order to pave way for the youth.
“I have done my part. It is time to go and prepare for my pension,” he said yesterday. 
Asino, who has served Ongwediva for 16 years since 2004, also said he has done his part and is giving chances to his fellow comrades.
“I am parting with Ongwediva as a happy man and I am thankful to the residents for entrusting me for almost two decades,” said Asino.
The councillors who were re-elected to contest the 25 November polls are chairperson of the management committee Naemi Amuthenu and member Ulalia Nghilongwa.
Representing women, Amuthenu scored the highest votes with 91, followed by Nghilongwa (88) and Priskilla Hailulu (81).
The new candidate who was elected at the district conference to contest in the upcoming elections is the Anglican pastor of Ongwediva Taarah Shalyetu who scooped the highest votes with a 104.
The other new candidates are Fabiam George (88), Ambata Jeremia (74) and Mutumbulwa Petrus with 57.
Altogether there were five spoiled ballots of the 122 votes cast.
At the regional level, the current councillor for Ongwediva Andreas Uutoni will be contesting again this year.
At Ondangwa, the current mayor Paavo Amwele scooped the highest votes with 68.
His deputy Saima Nangula Namukwambi was eliminated at the district conference held over the weekend.
Other councillors who were eliminated are Abed Matsi, an additional member of the management committee and Sam Nangolo who served as an ordinary member.
Namukwambi scored (39), Matsi (20) while Sem Nangolo scored 30 votes. 
The other candidates that were elected to run for elections are Ester Mweneni Auala who scored 54 votes.
Nicodemus Amadhila, Julia Kapia and Anna Iitope each got 47 votes. 
Andreas Kalumbu who is the current chairperson of the management committee scored 46.
The principal at Andimba Toivo Ya Toivo, Walde Shapaka, garnered 43 votes.
Other candidates who took part in the contest at the district conference are Wilbard Ashipala, Eva Emvula, Helena Mundjele and Letti Tutaleni.
At the regional level, Leonard Negonga will contest again for Ondangwa Urban constituency councillor.
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Nuusita Ashipala
2020-09-29 09:57:39 | 22 days ago

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