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Mayor wants N$2m for education fund

2021-09-24  Loide Jason

Mayor wants N$2m for education fund

City of Windhoek mayor Job Amupanda has initiated the establishment of an education fund, aimed at assisting destitute students who struggle to access education opportunities. 

Amupanda called on municipal staff and councillors to voluntarily contribute to the initiative, which is dubbed the 'Windhoek Education Fund'. 

According to Amupanda, the initiative is every individual’s social responsibility. 

He said members of the public should unite for the greater good by making a significant contribution to the future of underprivileged children. 

“Owing to the prevailing economic hardship, I hereby offer the following strategy to jump-start the initial funds, as that contribution to the seed capital is made for 12 months, starting 31 October 2021 and ending 31 October 2022,” he said. 

He said if everything goes according to the plan, the fund will officially start offering bursaries and study loans at the commencement of the 2023 academic year. 

In a memorandum shared with New Era on Tuesday afternoon, the mayor indicated as people say education is the greatest equaliser, he envisaged a model for a self-sustaining and credible fund for future generations. 

“The local authority act, in section 30(1) (p), permits the council to allocate bursaries and grant loans for educational purposes. It is against the mandate of the said act that the contemplated fund will be established,” said Amupanda. 

Amupanda said the contribution starts with a minimum of N$100 per month to be deducted from staff salaries and transferred to a special budget vote to be established by the department of finance and customer services for the duration of the contribution period. 

He pledged N$500 each month towards the fund. 

The seed capital is expected to raise N$2 million if the estimated 1 700 staff members and councillors commit a minimum of N$100 to the fund. -

2021-09-24  Loide Jason

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