• August 18th, 2019
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MCA Namibia draws final curtain

WINDHOEK - The Millennium Challenge Account-Namibia (MCA-N) wrapped up the successful implementation of the N$3 billion Namibian Compact with the handover of the Omaheke Regional Library, the last of the three built with funding from America to the tune of N$167 million. The new regional library was officially inaugurated by Dr David Namwandi the Minister of Education at a ceremony that took place at Epako in Gobabis on Tuesday. In an effort to redress inequalities in the access to knowledge MCA-N funded and equipped such regional study and resource centres at Oshakati, Helao Nafidi and Gobabis. The new centres provide an alternative to the one-room community libraries which have insufficient space to meet student and learner demand, as well as insufficient collections of materials to support secondary level and distance students. MCA-N CEO Penny Akwenye said her organisation was proud to officially hand over the last regional library to the Namibian people and urged members of the community to make use of the facility. Akwenye said communities who live in remote areas had not been forgotten as these will be served by the mobile library units, which are equipped with books, computers and television screens. “Enjoy the great opportunities and exciting learning experiences these facilities offer - now and in future,” Akwenye told the large crowd of Omaheke residents that gathered to witness the inauguration of the library. Minister Namwandi paid tribute to MCA-N and the American Government’s Millennium Challenge Corporation for making the three regional resource centres possible. “I am humbled to be standing in front of this superb facility. Not only is the building a joy to behold, but the thought of the impact this library centre will have on the community of Omaheke is dazzling and overwhelming,” the education minister emphasised. He said with the launch of the Omaheke facility, Namibia was inaugurating a new era on knowledge accumulation, a new access to information and the empowerment it offers to all that make use of it. Namwandi said the regional study and resource centres are a “one-stop for knowledge, free knowledge and everyone, young and old is welcome.” “No longer is the access to information a privilege of a few. The 21st century’s explosion of information has levelled the playing field. Now we all have an equal opportunity to gain knowledge,” said Namwandi. He added while it is important for the community to make use of this new fountain of knowledge, it is incumbent upon them to look after the facility and not allow anyone to vandalise the centre. Omaheke Regional Governor Festus Ueitele said the library will go a long way in addressing the high level of illiteracy and unemployment in the region. “We want all the citizens of this region to be able to read, write, converse and value ideas and thoughts. Therefore, it is our aim to propagate libraries and the value they have to offer to all the citizens of this region. I am hopeful that this beautiful library, which is the biggest library in Omaheke, will educate the people of Omaheke for decades to come,” said governor Ueitele. Speaking on behalf of the American Government, U.S. Embassy Chargé d’Affaires in Namibia, John Kowalski, said the new study and resource centre creates an opportunity for the people of Omaheke to access the information they need to build their knowledge and explore the world. “This centre will provide you with the answers and direction you seek to gain the knowledge and confidence to land a better paying job, improve your business and help make your dreams come true. Enter it. Explore it, ”Kowalski appealed to the community. Omaheke resident Alex Kaputu described the centre as a “dream come true” for the people of the region. “We will watch this facility with an eagle eye and ensure that it does not become a white elephant,” Kaputu said, urging local residents to make the library their “second home”. Willisa Springbok, a Community Skills Development Centre trainee, said the library is helping to simplify the office administration and computing course she is doing. “This library offers a comfortable environment with a wide selection of books and modern computers. We also have internet, which helps with our research,” said the 19-year-old Willisa By Staff Reporter
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2014-12-01 08:00:53 4 years ago

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