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Media personality fined for overstaying

2021-05-17  Paheja Siririka

Media personality fined for overstaying
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Media personality Paul Munanjala, also known as Paul Da Prince, was slapped with a fine of N$3 000 at the weekend for contravening immigration laws for working in the country without a permit. 

The spokesperson of the immigration ministry, Margret Kalo, told New Era Munanjala was charged and released on Friday. “Paul was charged and appeared before the court, he was fined N$3 000, normally when you are fined, there are options, you are allowed to leave, and if you refuse, you are deported. So he paid a fine and left,” stated Kalo. Munanjala is currently in South Africa and could not be reached for comment after several attempts. The 30-year-old has been hosting the popular ‘Whatagwan’ show on NBC TV and is also a freelance radio presenter at National FM

He has been in Namibia since 2012 and studied at the University of Namibia where he completed a media studies honours degree. “I am currently in South Africa ready to go support my brother SK Khoza. I’m shocked that people are happy with the arrest when they don’t know the details, it was an issue that was resolved quickly,” he was quoted by Kalo said Munanjala is free to come back to Namibia provided the documents that will permit him to work in the country are in order. She further discouraged foreign nationals from working illegally in the country. 

“The ministry is here to help them, there is nothing to fear. Whether visiting or working, follow procedures,” shared Kalo. Contacted for comment on the employment status of Munanjala recently, NBC director general Stanley Similo said it was saddening and rather pathetic to see how a manager, known to the corporation, who was somewhat also responsible for the processing of his status in the country but delayed it, is now the one leading the cause to “discredit Paul Da Prince”. 

“NBC is in the process of getting his residential status finalised and until then will not make use of his services. However, we are looking forward to welcoming him back to our airwaves,” assured Similo.


2021-05-17  Paheja Siririka

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