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Medipark celebrates kidney milestone

2021-03-15  Nuusita Ashipala

Medipark celebrates kidney milestone
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ONGWEDIVA – The Ongwediva Medipark Private Hospital last week celebrated a milestone of ten successful kidney transplants in the last five years as the medical fraternity marked World Kidney Day. At the moment, the hospital has four patients who are waiting to be transplanted soon. 

“We are forever grateful to the patients whose lives we have improved, our living donors who without hesitation donated a kidney to their loved ones and whose lives have only been enriched from the experience of donation with good health and longevity prevailing,” the hospital said in a statement.

Despite the many successful transplants, the hospital has received a number of patient referrals for the transplant, but 60% of the referrals do not have a medically fit and blood group matching the donor. 

Equally, some suitable donors withdrew from being donors while other patients have been lost to complications related to dialysis and the progression of their chronic disease before they are able to be transplanted. 

According to the statement, high blood pressure, diabetes and infections remain the main cause of kidney disease. Patients are therefore urged to be compliant in taking their medication and attending to follow up appointments, follow their diet and fluid restriction. 

Patients are further encouraged to talk about their disease openly and seek information to empower their knowledge and actions. 

“Keep a close eye on your weight and avoid high salt intake, do regular exercises, stop smoking and in the heat ensure adequate water intake to avoid dehydration,” the hospital advised. 

This year’s theme is ‘to live the best life possible with the encouragement of open communication and empowerment of all to be in command of their own healthcare by actively participating and working closely with their healthcare teams’. 

This year’s focus is to include not only the management of the symptoms of kidney disease but to reach out and acknowledge the burden kidney disease has on all who are close to the patient including social, physical self-worth and being able to maintain employment and involvement in tasks of daily living.


2021-03-15  Nuusita Ashipala

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